Have you been eagerly providing oral appliance therapy to your patients, only to encounter disappointment due to the lack of support from their physicians? This is one of the most common frustrations among sleep dentists, but the good news is that there are steps you can take to establish strong partnerships with physicians.

Become a Trusted Authority

Gaining recognition as a respected figure in your industry can lead to numerous benefits, including enhanced credibility, opportunities, and personal satisfaction. However, becoming an authoritative figure in dental sleep medicine (DSM) isn’t an instantaneous achievement. It requires dedication, time, and effort. Nevertheless, there are several tips that can speed up the process, including:

  • Pursue dental sleep medicine continuing education and credentialing through reputable organizations.
  • Network with colleagues who specialize in airway-related fields. Having expert connections can provide invaluable knowledge and help raise your own status as a sleep practitioner.
  • Create a separate brand for your DSM practice, complete with a new logo, tagline, business cards, and website.
  • Develop educational content for your website, social media, and publications to showcase your expertise and build your reputation.
  • Obtain a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Supplier License. The application process is thorough and obtaining this license shows commitment to the field.

Identify & Communicate with Physicians

Compile a list of the healthcare professionals attending to your sleep patients during the initial assessment. This can be effortlessly achieved through an online questionnaire integrated into your dental sleep software, like DentalWriter Plus+.

Distribute comprehensive SOAP reports and progress updates to all the medical practitioners engaged in the patient’s treatment, including sleep specialists, primary care physicians, ENT specialists, cardiologists, and more. By consistently keeping all members of the healthcare team well-informed, and by showcasing positive outcomes, you’ll position yourself as a dependable and valuable resource in the field of DSM.

According to Steve Lamberg, DDS, sending narrative reports to physicians was his number one tool for practice growth. Dr. Steve Greenman concurs, highlighting that SOAP reports generated and shared from the questionnaire and examination have facilitated a co-referring database with 250 physicians. “Just today we got four new referrals and continue to get an influx of patients who need our help”, says Dr. Greenman

Medical Billing Enhances Referrals

Dentists who process medical insurance claims, including Medicare, frequently become the favored option for referring doctors. Make certain that these physicians are informed of your proficiency in managing medical insurance billing.

By taking these steps, you will gradually witness an upsurge in referrals, leading to a flourishing dental sleep practice.


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