If you’ve ever attended a Nierman Practice Management CE course, chances are you’ve met our CEO and Founder, Rose Nierman.  With a vibrant personality and an unparalleled knowledge of medical billing codes, Rose helps dentists and their team members confidently navigate the world of dental to medical billing. Her goal is to help all dental practices confidently implement medical billing. For over 30 years Rose has helped countless practices “Get their ducks in a row” by joining her in the cross-coding movement. But how did this movement get started?

In the mid-’80s Rose Nierman was working as a hygienist at a dental practice that specialized in treating TMJ disorders. While there, Rose figured out how to successfully bill patients’ medical insurance for TMJ treatments and implants/oral surgery. By billing medical insurance, patients were able to receive treatments they otherwise would not have been able to afford.  But not everyone understood how to bill medical for dental procedures, and with so many codes, it could be overwhelming to even begin.

Rose Nierman was one of the few who understood not only the importance of billing medical but also the process. By 1988 Rose had written her first medical billing manual, “Successful Medical Insurance in Dentistry”. With refined, and documented protocols, this manual was the first step in Rose’s journey towards educating dental practices on medical billing. Soon she was teaching dental practices how to implement medical billing in their own practice.

With her proper communication and documentation, practices were able to get paid by medical. Rose understood how to communicate with insurance companies and what those companies need, which were narrative reports showing medical necessity. However, dental practices struggled to find the time to create the necessary narrative reports and claim forms. And insurance companies were finicky, any errors would cause the claim to be denied.

Seeing the struggle, Rose knew there had to be an easier way to streamline the medical billing process. In 1991 she developed DentalWriter™ Software, forever transforming the industry of medical billing in dentistry. This software was a cross-coding and narrative report writing software for dental practices, and it was the next step in streamlining the documentation process for dentists billing medical.

For the next 30 years Rose Nierman, through her company Nierman Practice Management, continued to develop and refine the medical billing process. Innovation was key, and Nierman Practice Management has always been at the forefront of the medical billing industry for dental practices. Today, with a team of over 50 specialists, NiermanPM helps thousands of practices implement cross-coding – more than any other company in the industry. Rose, now a cross-coding icon, continues to spread her wealth of knowledge in medical billing by leading live continuing education courses and her recently-launched online medical billing course series, Nierman CE+.  She continues to devote her life to let every dental practice know that billing medical insurance in dentistry has many benefits, and every dental practice can do it! Find out more about the cross-coding movement today.