Did you know that 90% of claim denials from medical insurance are preventable? Medical billing is perhaps the most important activity in a dental sleep medicine practice. Whether your office outsources medical billing or bills in-house, technology simplifies the task which then leads to fewer denials. Here are three suggestions on how to streamline medical billing with modern technology.

  1. Adopt an Online Dental Sleep Questionnaire: Have patients complete a dedicated sleep questionnaire. Specific forms such as Nierman Practice Management’s Dental Sleep History Intake & Exam save administrative time, paper, and confusion. The data from the questionnaire informs the insurer of medical comorbidities related to obstructive sleep apnea. Without specific data, the claim may be delayed while the insurer is waiting for more information.
  2. Incorporate Electronic Claims: Electronic claims take precedence over paper claims, so use electronic billing whenever possible. You may see your claims reimbursed within two weeks, instead of the 30 to 90 days commonly found with paper claims.
  3. Implement Secure Electronic Fax: E-fax allows you to supply your narrative reports, sleep studies, and prescriptions directly to the insurer, saving time and eliminating excess paper.

Establishing a repeatable process for medical billing will increase patient access to care for sleep apnea and TMJ appliances, oral surgeries, and other medically necessary services. Don’t leave money on the table when medical benefits may be available.

If you’re looking for help with incorporating medical billing into your practice, Nierman Practice Management has the perfect solution with DentalWriter. DentalWriter is a software that focuses on helping dentists assist their patients in managing their dental-related sleep problems, TMD, and billing processes. With DentalWriter, dentists can fully assess their patients’ needs by conveniently gathering data online with web-accessible questionnaires. This data lets the doctors study the data and prepare their conclusions before meeting with patients. This software also saves the doctor and their office from doing double entries.

Additionally, Nierman also offers unprecedented training and support for DentalWriter. This supposed includes, but is not limited to, the DentalWriter Help Center, the Cross-coding Hotline, a Daily Live Webinar Coaching, an Online Study Club, and so much more. Nierman Practice Management offers a wide range of topics to aid practices in attaining their performance goals and be more successful in treating patients.

With proper training and the use of modern technology, it is possible to become a well-oiled cross-coding machine. That way, your team can focus on what is most important: providing the best possible patient care. Using technology to streamline medical billing has gotten easier and every practice can do it! Especially with tools like DentalWriter. Learn more about the DentalWriter software or schedule a demo today.


Author: Rose Nierman