Education is the key to success.  As a dentist you have gone through a lot of schooling, but in order to be successful, learning should never stop. Once you become established, you should be looking for ways to add value to your practice. A great way to do this is through the addition of services that can significantly enhance your patients’ quality of life. By transforming your dental practice into a sleep apnea and pain/TMD treatment center, you can differentiate your practice, add new revenue streams, and do more for your patients than ever thought possible. Nierman Practice Management’s programs are available to help you implement these services, and remain up-to-date with the latest developments, advancements, and best practices.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons you should attend a Nierman program.

1. Led by a Team of Accomplished and Successful Dental Sleep & TMD Practitioners

Our team of educators are some of the most accomplished within the field. This includes Diplomates, past presidents, and board members of major organizations of dental sleep medicine and pain/TMJ.

A few of our speakers include:

Dr. Steve Carstensen

Dr. Todd Morgan

Dr. Witt Wilkerson

Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh

Dr. Ken Berley

Each member is respected for their innovative scientific contributions and experience in guiding practices to succeed. For our dental sleep seminars, every educator currently treats sleep patients every week. They are knowledgeable about the keys to building a successful dental sleep medicine practice. What better way to learn but from someone who is in the trenches living and breathing what they teach?

In addition, as the Clinical Director of Education, I am a Diplomate with multiple boards in Dental Sleep Medicine and Craniofacial Pain/Orofacial Pain. I coordinate the sleep apnea course content and share the latest research findings amongst the Nierman Education Faculty to ensure consistency and cohesiveness.

2. We Offer Cross-Coding to Further Enhance Your Practice

Headed by Founder and CEO, Rose Nierman, we offer the most renowned cross-coding course in the United States. Rose Nierman is the author of the first cross-coding manual for dental practices. She has also launched the first software for cross-coding and medical billing for sleep apnea appliances, TMD treatment, and dental implants.

She is a true pioneer and has educated more dental practices in implementing dental cross-coding and practice management for these services than any other group in the world!

Attending a Nierman Education seminar means you and your team will learn from the best when it comes to dental-medical billing and cross-coding.

3. Get the Entire Dental Team Involved

Having your entire dental team involved is essential to your success. With Nierman’s Education Program, each member of your staff will learn how to provide these services according to their position.

  • Hygienists will learn how to screen for these conditions, increasing your number of cases.
  • Assistants will learn the clinical skills for efficient exams and appointments.
  • Office managers and billers will learn how to properly document and bill each case, maximizing your efficiency and reimbursement.

4. Getting Comprehensive Knowledge from Sleep Physicians

A main goal of ours is to facilitate cohesiveness with our medical colleagues. By having well respected physicians lecture to our dental group, we can provide improved knowledge and understanding of what our medical peers expect from us. It is important, as dentists, to be in a position to understand patient symptoms that may be suggestive of an issue that might prevent our treatment from having better outcomes.

With this knowledge we can refer the patients back to their respected healthcare providers for further treatments.  By networking and building relationships, you can gain referrals and provide proper treatment for your patients. It’s a working partnership that is essential to growing your practice in dental sleep medicine and TMD treatment.


At the end of the day you want your dental practice to stand out. What better way to do that than by integrating sleep apnea treatment, TMD treatment, and Craniofacial Pain treatment. In this competitive world it is necessary. We have an array of seminars for oral appliance therapy, TMD seminars, medical billing seminars for you to gain the skills you need to help more patients.


By Dr. Mayoor Patel

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