For dental practices interested in billing dental procedures to medical insurance, it’s imperative that you have a solid understanding of ICD-10 code. In this latest vlog from Rose Nierman, Rose dives into ICD-10 Diagnostic Coding for Medical Billing in Dentistry.


The vlog series, Rose’s Rules for Medical Billing in Dentistry is part of Nierman CE+. Nierman CE+ is an online learning platform for dental practices and hosts the most comprehensive suite of medical billing in dentistry courses online.

Nierman has over 32 years’ experience educating dental practices on dental-to-medical billing. Her renowned course, Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry has helped thousands of dental practices receive reimbursement from medical insurance. Her courses are available to attend live, watch via interactive livestream or watch on-demand.

Nierman Practice Management also offers Nierman Medical Billing Services to help dental practices with all their medical billing needs, including understanding ICD 10 Code. Nierman simplifies medical billing in dentistry, allowing dentists to stay focused on the patient work, while we do the paperwork. Learn more here.