Does your dental office know what dental procedures can be billed to medical insurance? From Sleep Apnea Appliances to Oral Cancer screening, there are many procedures in which you should be taking advantage of cross-coding dental-to-medical billing.

Rose Nierman is an icon in dental-medical billing. She has been educating dental offices in cross-coding for over 32 years. In the video below, she dives into many of the dental procedures which can be billed to medical insurance.

Medical insurance often reimburses for procedures that dentists perform daily when the services are considered medically necessary. By billing medical, you can:

  • Increase monthly case acceptance
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Help more patients
  • Set your practice apart

Nierman Practice Management has been the national leader and innovator in helping dental practices bill medical insurance for over 32 years. Their industry-leading software, DentalWriter has helped thousands of dental practices receive medical insurance reimbursement for sleep apnea, TMJ treatment, oral surgeries, frenectomies, and more. Nierman also hosts many medical billing and cross-coding courses live, virtually, and on-demand. You can find the full Nierman CE schedule here. The company also created Nierman CE+, an online dental education platform that hosts the most comprehensive suite of medical billing in dentistry courses online.

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