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Why Choose Nierman for Dental CE for Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, Medical Billing?

 Medical Billing in Dentistry / Cross-Coding Expertise

Nierman Practice Management has more experience teaching dental to medical billing and cross-coding than any other group (getting paid by medical insurance in a dental practice).

Through our cross-coding & medical billing dental CE courses, thousands of dentists have increased their case acceptance and bottom line by obtaining medical reimbursement.

At our cross-coding courses, we thoroughly cover:

  • Dental Sleep Medicine Medical Billing
  • TMJ Treatment Medical Billing
  • Implants / Oral Surgery Medical Billing

Learn how to effectively implement medical billing in a dental practice, and stay ahead of the game with updates on the latest medical billing protocols, trends, and insurance policies.

Rose Nierman, speaker of our renowned Cross-coding courses has more experience educating dental practices on cross-coding than any other group. Rose’s vast experience and knowledge combined with her warm and light-hearted personality makes her courses one-of-a-kind and an absolute pleasure to attend. She is consistently updating her cross-coding course to have the latest and greatest information to help your dental practice be successful with medical billing reimbursement.


Rose Nierman Dental Medical Cross Coding and Billing CE Course Speaker


Dental CE for Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ, Medical Billing

 Comprehensive TMD, Pain, & Dental Sleep Medicine CE Courses

Nierman Practice Management has over 20 years of experience putting on the highest quality dental CE programs for dental sleep medicine & TMD and is dedicated to helping dental practices succeed in implementing and growing these services.

Our specialty is in cross-coding, dental sleep medicine, & TMD / craniofacial pain education. We offer a variety of TMD & Dental Sleep Medicine courses for all levels. Whether your dental practice is just starting out or is looking to make these services the main core of your dental practice, there is a course to help achieve your dental practice’s specific goals

Often, the non-clinical aspects of dental sleep apnea and TMJ disorder treatment poses the biggest challenge for dental practices. Because these services cross-over into the medical realm, it requires a shift in the way you think as a care provider.

Without the proper training, many dental practices faulter when attempting to integrate the non-clinical aspects, such as billing medical insurance and effectively communicating with the patients to accept treatment or the medical community to create referral networks. That is why our CE courses are designed for the entire dental team.

Our Continuing Education Programs are designed to help your practice overcome these implementation hurdles. Our expertise is in educating your dental practice on successfully implementing proven protocols and creating an efficient, structured workflow for you and the entire dental team, allowing your practice to focus on providing the best quality patient care.


Dental CE for Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ, Medical Billing
Dental CE for Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ, Medical Billing
Dental CE for Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ, Medical Billing

 Experience in Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD CE Education

Nierman Practice Management has over 28 years of experience in helping dental practices implement dental-to-medical crosscoding (medical billing in dentistry), dental sleep medicine (sleep apnea dentistry), and TMJ disorder treatment.

In the last 6 years alone, we have put on over 200 dental CE courses in dental sleep medicine, TMD, or medical billing, and have educated over 5,000 dental professionals on incorporating these elements into their practice.

Clinical Director of Education, Mayoor Patel, DDS, MS, ABDSM, ABCP, Our faculty consists of a “who’s who” in the dental sleep medicine community, including top Diplomates and board members of the leading TMJ and dental sleep organizations. Receiving education from the most knowledgeable speakers in the field can give you a huge boost in achieving your goals.




Dental CE Seminars for Sleep Apnea, TMD, Craniofacial Pain, Medical Billing, & Cross Coding


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Nierman Education partners with companies that bring experience, value, and quality to our participants.

The industry experts that are present at each course are resources of knowledge and support that can be relied on to assist you in your goals. We align only with those we can unequivocally recommend for long term continued use when implementing dental sleep medicine and TMJ disorder treatment. Interested in becoming an Exhibitor?

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Over 7,000 dental practices have utilized Nierman Practice Management to expand their services and receive medical reimbursement.


“I can honestly say that my software purchase has changed my practice. It has exploded with referrals and resulted in many new patients. It has paid for itself many times over.”  –Dr. Gary S. Peoria, IL