Cross-Coding/Medical Billing in Dentistry Manuals


CrossCoding: Successful Medical Billing in Dentistry Manual

Our flagship cross-coding manual is the comprehensive resource on how to bill medical insurance in a dental office.

What’s Inside

Terminology for dental to medical billing

How to verify medical benefits for dental procedures

Transitioning from ICD-9 to the new ICD-10 diagnosis coding set.

Dental-medical cross coding and medical billing for:

  • Sleep apnea appliances and treatment
  • TMJ disorder orthotics and treatment
  • Implant and oral surgeries and related procedures such as bone grafts and sinus lifts
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Botox for painful bruxism

Billing Obstructive Sleep Apnea For Medicare Patients

The definitive manual for how to bill Medicare for sleep apnea appliances and treatment.

What’s Inside

  • Becoming a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) provider in order to treat and bill Medicare patients for sleep apnea.
  • To Be or Not to Be… A Participating or Non-Participating Medicare provider.
  • The different Medicare jurisdictions and what the payouts are.
  • The medical billing protocols for Medicare.
  • Separating Fact from Fiction regarding Medicare billing.
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