CrossCoding: Medical Billing in Dentistry Course Description

Rose Nierman invites you to join the cross-coding movement and learn how to get paid by medical insurance in a dental practice from start-to-finish. Billing medical insurance for dental has many benefits, and every dental practice can do it!

This is the renowned CE course that has helped thousands of dental practices:

• Increase their monthly case acceptance and volume.
Set their practice apart and help more patients.
Add new revenue streams and referral sources.

You should be taking advantage of cross coding and dental-to-medical billing if you provide these services:


  • Dental Sleep Medicine (Sleep Apnea Appliances)
  • Implants / Oral Surgery
  • TMJ Disorder Treatment & Appliances
  • Medicare for Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Sinus Lifts / Maxillary & Mandibular Bone Grafts
  • Mucositis
  • Frenectomy for Infant Tongue Ties
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration / Periodontal
  • Oral Systemic Infection
  • Botox Injections for Painful Bruxism
  • Cone Beam CBCT/Panorex & Exams for These Procedures
Cross Coding Dental to Medical Billing Course


11 CE Credits



  1st Participant      $995

  2nd: $795   |   3rd: $595   |   4th: $395




Rose Nierman, RDH


Dental Sleep Medicine Billing Cross Coding and Medical Billing for Sleep Apnea Course

Rose Nierman’s Cross Coding seminar has helped thousands of dental practitioners implement medical billing for dental sleep medicine, TMD, oral surgeries, and more.

By Billing Medical Insurance in a Dental Practice, You Can:

  • Differentiate your practice. Patients are now making decisions based on which provider accepts medical insurance.
  • Attain higher case acceptance by making treatment more accessible to your patients.
  • Expand your services offered with more medically-necessary treatments.

Stop competing on price. You can focus on quality and value, charge your regular fee, and still lower the patient’s responsibility by integrating medical insurance reimbursement! It’s a win-win for your practice and your patients.

Nierman Practice Management has been the national leader and innovator in helping dental practices bill medical insurance for over 30 years.

Dental Medical Cross Coding Topics Covered:

  • How to integrate medical billing into your dental office for sleep apnea, TMJ, implants, oral surgery, bone grafts, CT scans, and more.
  • The importance of documentation and records, why they are vital for medical reimbursement for dentists.
  • Verifying benefits, pre-authorizing patients’ medical insurance benefits.
  • Searching for medical policies online.
  • Using CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS codes.
  • How to complete the CMS-1500 medical claim form.
  • The pros and cons of being “in-network” or “out-of-network”, using “GAP” exceptions.

What Makes This Dental-Medical Cross Coding Course Special

  • We Cover All Applicable Procedures – Learn how to receive medical reimbursement for many dental services that would otherwise be left on the table.
  • A Wealth of Knowledge – Rose has over 100,000 hours of cross-coding wisdom under her belt and stays informed on the latest codes, policies, and trends. Ask her anything and she has a code for that!
  • Accurate & Ethical Billing – Learn what and what NOT to do and ensure you are receiving the best information out there.


About Rose Nierman

Rose Nierman has more experience teaching dental practices the correct and most efficient ways to implement a successful medical billing protocol than any other group. In fact, her name has become synonymous with cross-coding & medical billing in dentistry.

Ms. Nierman pioneered the cross-coding field in dentistry in 1988 by writing the first manual and software for cross-coding, and sharing her knowledge across the country to dental practices seeking to bill medical insurance for TMJ treatment.

Since that time, Nierman Practice Management has become a major resource for dental practices offering medically necessary services.

Ms. Nierman stays on the cutting edge of current medical billing knowledge, and presents the most ethical protocols for billing. From her 30+ years of experience in the dental-medical billing field, she is a wealth of knowledge, and her warm-hearted, energetic speaking style makes medical billing fun!

cross coding dental medical billing course for dental sleep apnea billing


7:30am Breakfast & Registration 7:30am Breakfast
8:00am Welcome, Overview of Medical Billing in Dentistry 8:00am Reading EOB’s, Appeals
8:45am What Procedures can be Billed to Medical Insurance? 9:00am Medical Billing in Dentistry Learning Games
9:00am Dental vs. Medical Insurance, ICD and CPT codes, Claim Examples 10:15am Hands on with the Medical Claim Form
10:15am Fees for Medical Insurance Claims 11:00am Day 2 Q&A. In-depth Case Examples, Attendee Specific Cases
10:30am Verification of Benefits & Pre-Authorizations 12:00pm Optional: DentalWriter Hands on Training
10:45am Requesting In-Network Benefits as an Out-of-Network Provider
11:00am Getting to Know The New Medical Claim Form
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm ICD-10 Codes & Letters of Medical Necessity
1:30pm Biling for Specific Treatments – Implants, Oral Surgeries, TMD, Sleep Apnea, Exams, Panorex, Dental CT Scans, Botox for Bruxism, Accidents
4:00pm Day 1 Q&A

Upcoming Dates

24apr - 25All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry - POSTPONEDSpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: San Diego, CA

15may - 16All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: Atlanta, GA

26jun - 27All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: Atlanta, GA

10jul - 11All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: Denver, CO

24jul - 25All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: Atlanta, GA

7aug - 8All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: Atlanta, GA

25sep - 26All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: San Jose, CA

9oct - 10All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: Atlanta, GA

4dec - 5All DayCrossCoding - Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in DentistrySpeaker: Rose Nierman Location: Jupiter, FL

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In Detail – The Benefits of Medical Billing for Dentists

What are the benefits of dental medical cross coding? And why does it seem like more and more dental practices are accepting and billing medical insurance? What’s in it for them?

Increased Case Acceptance – By billing the patient’s medical insurance, you are making your treatment easily obtainable to your patients. Patients who have a consultation for a procedure may opt against moving forward because of cost of treatment. What if you could verify that the patient’s medical insurance would cover a majority of the treatment, significantly lowering their out-of-pocket cost? They are much more likely to move forward with treatment knowing they are covered.

Shift Towards Dentists as Oral-Systemic Health Providers – Within the last decade, dentistry has become increasingly involved in the patient’s overall health and wellness. Many dental practices now provide nutrition counseling, oral cancer screening, headache and orofacial pain treatment. It just so happens the fastest growing field in dentistry, dental sleep medicine (sleep apnea dentistry), is commonly covered under medical insurance. Learning medical billing for dentists can help complete your oral-system health practice.

Standing Out From the Crowd- With over 200,000 dentists in the U.S.alone, it seems like there is now a dental practice on every street corner. How do you maintain an edge over your peers? You are perhaps the most qualified, experienced, and friendly dental practice in your city, but if a patient has to pay out-of-pocket for a service the dentist next-door will bill to medical insurance, the patient may choose them instead.

You should attend this course if you are interested in the following:

Medical Billing for Dentists Dental Sleep Billing Implants and Oral Surgery Billing
TMJ Treatment Billing Sleep Apnea Medical Billing Botox for Bruxism Billing
dental medical cross coding for dental sleep apnea billing
medical coding for dentists - dentists can get paid by medical insurance
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Nierman Practice Management designates this activity for 7-11 continuing education credits.

Refund and Cancellation Policies:
All cancellations are to be made in writing. Registrations may be refunded at 100% if cancelled within the first 7 days of registration. An assessment fee of 30% will be taken for cancellations 8 days after registration if prior to 21 days before the course. An assessment fee of 50% will be taken for cancellations that are 21 days before the course or less. Attendees can transfer their registration to another course without penalty up until 10 days prior to course. Within 10 days of course, a 20% penalty to transfers will be applied.