Dental Sleep Medicine CE Course Description
Learn the blueprints for Dental Sleep Medicine success from industry leaders.

This comprehensive dental sleep medicine CE course will help you and your team implement obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment into your dental practice.

From the basics of dental sleep medicine terminology to the clinical treatment protocol, and everything in between, including screening, exam workflow, hands-on bite registrations, communication skills, referral building, marketing & dental sleep medical billing, your dental practice will be prepared to go back on Monday and begin taking the steps to building a successful dental sleep medicine practice.

Learn from some of the most experienced and recognized sleep medicine dentists in the industry.

Gain the clinical skills and learn the effective protocols for dental sleep medicine:

  • Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in your Dental Practice
  • Dental Sleep Examination & Appointment Workflows. Hand-on Bite Registration for OSA
  • Oral Appliance Mechanics. Learn the Different Appliance Types, Pros & Cons
  • Sleep Studies: Polysomnograms – In-Lab & Home Sleep Testing. Protocols & Guidelines
  • Physician Referrals: Building Referral Networks with the Sleep Community
  • Dental Sleep Medicine Marketing and Growth Strategies
  • Dental Sleep Medicine Billing: Dental-Medical Cross Coding for Sleep Apnea
  • Communication Techniques for Case Acceptance & Managing Expectations
  • Getting the Team on Board – Putting It All Together for Implementation Success

This course guides dental practices on the right path to success in dental sleep medicine and provides the knowledge and resources necessary to stay on track in their Dental Sleep Medicine journey.

Dental Sleep Medicine Course

16 CE Credits



Dentist   $1,295

Team Member   $995

Dentist + 2 Team M.   $2,495



Dr. Mayoor Patel


Dr. Charkhandeh


Overwhelmingly good. Great format and loved being able to ask questions spontaneously

Excellent. To the point. Real-world clinical solutions and applications. The instructor is very knowledgeable, entertaining, and engaging.

Dr. Rushabh Doshi

I loved how the course showed how a DDS can apply the knowledge. How it can be implemented into their current practice

What Makes This Dental Sleep Medicine Course Different


  • Practical Content –  Education is an art form. We deliver complex information broken-down into easy steps and address common challenges that can make the difference when implementing dental sleep medicine.
  • Team-Based Approach – Implementation success rates for dental sleep medicine are much higher when the dental team is involved.
  • Experience & Personal Touch – Our team has 30 years of experience in providing continuing education for dental sleep medicine and medical billing for dentists and are constantly honing and updating content and delivery. We put our hearts into each and every course to provide the highest quality experience for our clients.


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DAY 1     DAY 2  
7:15am Breakfast & Registration   7:15am Breakfast & Registration
8:00am Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine   8:00am Sleep Apnea & TMD
8:30am The Science, Statistics & Terminology of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) & Sleep Medicine   8:30am Managing Side Effects
9:00am Treatment Options for OSA   9:00am Case Studies
11:00am Screening your Patients for OSA – A Team Approach   11:00am Building the Sleep Practice – Internal & External Marketing
12:00pm Lunch   12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm The Treatment Protocol for OSA Using Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)   1:00pm Driving Qualified Patients Into the Practice
1:30pm Bite Registration Methods for OAT – Hands-on   1:30pm Establishing Referral Networks with Physicians and the Medical Community
2:30pm Polysomnogram and Home Sleep Testing   2:30pm Communication is Key: Increasing Case Acceptance, Referrals, and Growth
3:15pm Integrating Medical Insurance Reimbursement for OSA Treatment   3:15pm Leveraging Technology in Dental Sleep Medicine
4:00pm Hands-on Sleep Studies Overnight   4:00pm Finding your “Why”
5:00pm Q&A   5:00pm Creating your Action Plan for Implementation


Upcoming Dates

28feb - 29All DayLevel II - Implementation of Dental Sleep MedicineSpeaker: Shouresh Charkhandeh Location: Houston, TX

20mar - 21All DaySuccessful Implementation of Dental Sleep MedicineSpeaker: Dr. Anjoo Ely Location: Jupiter, FL

25sep - 26All DaySuccessful Implementation of Dental Sleep MedicineSpeaker: Mark Abramson Location: San Jose, CA

4dec - 5All DaySuccessful Implementation of Dental Sleep MedicineSpeaker: Mayoor Patel Location: Jupiter, FL

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Successful Implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine Course In Detail

In today’s competitive landscape, dental practices are increasingly looking for ways to differentiate themselves. By adding obstructive sleep apnea treatment to your list of services, you are providing a much needed service to patients while standing out from the crowd of local dentists. Did you know:

  • Doctors estimate that 9.1% of men and 4% of women have sleep apnea.
  • That translates to 18-25 million Americans (1 in every 15) living with sleep apnea.

And it could be higher! This means if your dental practices sees 2,000 patients a year, over 133 of those patients alone could be sleep apnea sufferers.

By implementing dental sleep medicine, you can start treating your dental patient base and help restore the lives of those 133 people.

In addition to your current dental patients, this dental sleep medicine course teaches you how to gain new patients outside of your dental base, with dental sleep marketing techniques, and sessions on how to receive physician referrals from the medical and sleep community.

This dental sleep seminar, geared toward the entire dental team, has sessions for the following:


  • Dental Sleep Medicine Terminology
  • Dental Sleep Screening (hygienist’s role)
  • The Sleep Apnea Clinical Exam
  • Oral Appliance Calibration / Follow-up Exams
  • Dental Sleep Medical Billing
  • PSGS / Home Sleep Study Protocols
  • Dental Sleep Marketing
  • Building Physician Referrals / Networking
  • Dental Sleep Implementation Guide for Growth
Nierman ADA CERP

PACEProgram Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance bya state of provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. 8/1/2016 to 7/31/2019

Refund and Cancellation Policies:
All cancellations are to be made in writing. Registrations may be refunded at 100% if cancelled within the first 7 days of registration. An assessment fee of 30% will be taken for cancellations 8 days after registration if prior to 21 days before the course. An assessment fee of 50% will be taken for cancellations that are 21 days before the course or less. Attendees can transfer their registration to another course without penalty up until 10 days prior to course. Within 10 days of course, a 20% penalty to transfers will be applied.

Nierman ADA CERP