2024 Dental Sleep Medicine



2-Session CE Program 


April 5-6, 2024 • May 3-4, 2024 | Jupiter, FL


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2024 Dental Sleep
Medicine Mini-Residency

Are you implementing dental sleep medicine, but find yourself overwhelmed by the various hurdles that are preventing you from pursuing your passion?

We invite you to the 2024 Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency, the comprehensive 2-session CE course program that provides the knowledge, guidance, and hands-on training for successful dental sleep medicine implementation and practice growth.


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2024 Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency At a Glance

See why the Nierman Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency is a powerful and comprehensive 2-Session CE program for achieving your growth goals in dental sleep medicine.

Session 1: April 5-6, 2024 (with Dental Sleep Team Course Breakout)
Session 2: May 3-4, 2024 (with Medical Billing Course Breakout)

2 Jam-Packed Sessions

​The mini-residency consists of two 2-day sessions (Friday-Saturday) that provide comprehensive training for implementation.

Limited to 20 Practices

Each class is limited to 20 dentists and their team to facilitate a personalized experience you can gain the most out of.

Hands-on Training

Hands-on training walkthroughs: Screening, airway exams, bite registrations, delivery & adjustments, follow-ups, role-play, & more.

Receive A Custom Appliance

Experience oral appliance therapy yourself with a custom device and practice fitting and adjusting it.

Renowned Faculty

Dr. Michael Gelb, Dr. Steve Lamberg, Dr. Anjoo Ely, Dr. Mayoor Patel, Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh, Rose Nierman, & more.

Learn Medical Billing for DSM

Learn the secrets to getting paid by medical insurance for oral appliance therapy and airway treatment.

Upcoming Dates

2024 Dental Sleep Mini Residency Dates

Session 1: April 5-6, 2024

Session 2: May 3-4, 2024

Participants will receive the recording of each session. We encourage dentists to bring their team members for the Dental Sleep Team Course Breakout during Session 1, and the Medical Billing Breakout during Session 2.


Registration will sell out soon.  Don’t wait and save your seat!

Give us a call at 1-800-879-6468, option 1 or email Jon@dentalwriter.com.

Dental Sleep Medicine Team Course (During Session  1 April 5-6th)

Breakout Course

The Team Course breakout will empower your team with the essential knowledge and skills to cultivate a shared vision and promote seamless coordination within your dental sleep practice.
Through fostering top-down alignment and ensuring each team member is effectively trained in their sleep role, you will create a transformative impact in your DSM practice and patient lives.
Faculty: Dr. Anjoo Ely, Melissa Fowler-Licari, Josie Tavares, Michael Cowen, Dr. Michael Gelb, Dr. Steve Lamberg, Dr. Gerilyn Alfe, Rose Nierman, Becky Reed
2024 Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency Hands on

With your team on board and on the same page, your dental sleep practice can break through to unprecedented heights.

Bring your team to Jupiter, FL and obtain the training and blue-prints you need to transform your sleep practice.

Dental Sleep Medicine Team Course

Team Course Learning Objectives

  • Screening & sleep testing protocols
  • Case presentation & case acceptance
  • Physician liaison and referral building
  • Documentation and data collection
  • Medical billing
  • Finding your why and getting team buy in
  • The Sleep Champion role & creating accountability
  • Goal setting and measuring KPI’s
Dental Sleep Mini-Residency Team Course
Dental Sleep Mini-Residency Team Course


Includes on-demand recording. Dentist registration includes 1 custom sleep device. Additional team member registrations are $695 per session.



Team Member (Includes Both Sessions)


DSM Team Course or Billing Course Only



Join us in beautiful Jupiter, FL, and enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery, warm beaches, crystal clear inlets, laidback tiki bars, and unique restaurants. Bring your family and create a memorable trip while you learn.

Course Venue

Friday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm est
Nierman Practice Management Training Center
221 N Old Dixie Hwy #5,
Tequesta, FL 33469

Closest Airport: Palm Beach International (PBI) 25 minutes
2nd Closest Airport: Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) 60 minutes


Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa
5 Florida A1A
Jupiter, FL 33477
$299 per night
Book for April’s Course (Cut-off: Friday, 3/1/24)
Book for May’s Course (Cut-Off: Friday, 3/29/24)

Closest Airport: Palm Beach International (PBI) 25 minutes
2nd Closest Airport: Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) 60 minutes


Steve Lamberg

Steve Lamberg


Michael Gelb

Michael Gelb


Dr. Michael Gelb

Michael Gelb


Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, MS is a world-renowned TMJ and Sleep Specialist with practices in both New York City and White Plains. He received his D.D.S. degree from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and his M.S. from SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Gelb is the co-author of GASP: Airway Health- The Hidden Path to Wellness, and the co-founder of both The Foundation for Airway Health and The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry.

The Gelb Center was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Michael Gelb’s father, Dr. Harold Gelb. Since then, Dr. Michael has taken his father’s findings to the next level through his Airway Centric® integrated therapy. He invented the ACG™ Airway Centric® System with the help of ProSomnus Sleep Technologies. The ACG System is the first day and night dental appliance solution that offers an integrated approach to addressing airway issues. Dr. Michael Gelb is dedicated to improving his patients’ health by reducing pain, restoring refreshing sleep and transforming lives.

Anjoo Ely

Anjoo Ely


Rose Nierman

Rose Nierman


Rose Nierman speaking at the Medical Billing/ CrossCoding CE Course

Rose Nierman

Founder - Nierman Practice Management

Rose Nierman is the founder & CEO of Nierman Practice Management, a dental innovator, pioneer, and educator. Rose is on a 34-year mission to help dentists get paid by medical insurance and has a long history of innovation of medical billing in dentistry solutions, including education, technology, and support resources.  

Rose is a former dental hygienist that worked in a prominent TMJ disorder treatment practice. She developed her passion and skills for helping TMD patients get out of pain and increasing case acceptance through medical insurance reimbursement. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove the creation of the first manual, forms, workshops, and software for medical billing for TMD and dental sleep medicine.  

Today, Nierman Practice Management has helped over 15,000 dental professionals implement dental sleep medicine, TMD, and medical billing. 

Shouresh Charkhandeh

Shouresh Charkhandeh


Mayoor Patel

Mayoor Patel


Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen

Physician Guest Speakers

Physician Guest Speakers


By prioritizing hands-on and practical application, you’ll acquire the expertise, comprehension, and actionable strategies necessary to effectively integrate sleep apnea treatment into your dental practice.


Day 1 Day 2
  • Airway-Centric Dentistry. WHY become a sleep dentist.
  • The science of sleep and breathing.
  • Foundations of dental sleep medicine / terminology.
  • Treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Dentistry’s role in sleep medicine. Guidelines & literature.
  • Oral appliance therapy deep dive.
  • Implementing a fool-proof screening protocol.
  • Home sleep studies and sleep testing workflow.
  • Correlation of OSA and 180 medical conditions.
  • Team member roles for dental sleep success.
  • Communication techniques for case acceptance.
  • Hands-on history, exam & workup & bite registration.
  • Documentation & medical billing for dental sleep medicine.
  • The Lamberg dental sleep medicine toolkit.
  • Q&A / Checklist & next steps for implementation.

*Agenda subject to change


Day 1 Day 2
  • Bruxism, TMD, and the connection with sleep disordered breathing.
  • Managing side effects of oral appliance therapy.
  • Introduction to myofunctional therapy.
  • Pediatric Airway, growth and development, early intervention.
  • Understanding the role of the nasal passage.
  • Start to finish treatment workflow & visits.
  • Marketing your sleep practice / building referrals.
  • Transcending AHI.
  • Process of appliance delivery & calibration of oral appliances.
  • Hands-on: Appliance delivery and fitting visit (attendees receive appliance).
  • Discuss class case studies.
  • Dental sleep medicine practice growth.
  • Practice management, medical billing review, final Q&A and next steps.

*Agenda subject to change

 Medical Billing in Dentistry Course (During Session 2)

Rose and Jon Nierman with Cross Coding Attendees

Learn how to get paid by medical insurance in dentistry from start-to-finish with Cross-Coding icon Rose Nierman.

Next door, bring your team where they will learn how to successfully bill medical insurance and also increase your reimbursement, case acceptance, and bottom line for sleep apnea, TMD, implants, oral surgeries, frenectomies, and more. Register today!


“Great netwroking opportunity! All of us learning together!”

Dr. Rick Swanson

“I would recommend this program to anyone interested in sleep, getting started in sleep, or who has attended previous courses and is looking for more didactic or clinical information for more real-world application of dental sleep medicine. It truly is an all-encompassing course that prepares you from point A to point Z to implement dental sleep.

Dr. Logan Clements

“My biggest regret is that I didn’t start this journey earlier in my career.”

Dr. Randall Smith

“Truly enjoyed the lecture. Feel way more prepared than when I started. Looking forward to more courses.”

Dr. Eduardo Aguilar

I have gained education, hands-on experience, and expertise from phenomenal speakers. One of the things I enjoyed the most is getting to work with the materials on colleagues and getting to see how sleep apnea treatment can help my patients.

Dr. Leigh Bennett

“Thoroughly enjoyed. Like the class size. Rose, Jon, Mike, Steve, and staff enthusiastically helpful and enjoyable!”

Dr. C Terry Ennis

“No matter how many time I come, I still learn new things. Thank you for the opportunity. See you next time.”

Dr. Brandon Snell

“Really informative and instructional. Great tools to take home and practice.”

Dr. Thomas James Manzione

“Commentators were professional. Thanks for picking these extremely well trained ovators.”

Dr. Raymond Swainson

“Grateful for all this knowledge I have taken away fromt this course. It’s been a pleasure getting to know everyone.”

Additional Mini-Residency Details

This 2-session, 32 CE credit program is a comprehensive educational experience for implementing airway and sleep apnea treatment into a dental practice.

Learn from leading educators in dental sleep medicine, including Dr. Steve Lamberg, DDS, Dr. Anjoo Ely, DDS, Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh, DDS, Dr. Mayoor Patel, DDS, MS, Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, Rose Nierman, as well as our guest faculty that includes a sleep physician, ENT, neurologist, an RPSGT.

To provide a unique, personalized experience, each Mini-Residency class is limited to the first 20 live participants. This allows us to devote the necessary time to each practitioner’s background and individual goals in dental sleep medicine. The class becomes a cohesive group during the 2 sessions with open discussions and idea-sharing.

With an emphasis on hands-on and practical integration, you will gain the skills, knowledge, and blueprints needed to incorporate sleep apnea treatment into a dental practice successfully.

Dentists receive a sleep apnea appliance to experience for themselves as they do hands-on walkthroughs of the entire workflow including screening, the examination and workup, sleep apnea appliance bite registrations, appliance delivery and fitting, and follow-up/calibration appointments.

In between each session, the class maintains group discussions and are given assignments to complete, including literature to read, and cases to prepare. Team members are also given tasks to work on, such as communication scripts and physician outreach goals.

By the end of session 2, the dental practice should be confidently treating obstructive sleep apnea patients, have physician referral networks in place, medical insurance reimbursement implemented, be ready for various dental sleep medicine accreditation programs, and have their practice set-up for dental sleep medicine success.

Mini-Residency Case Study

Sleep Case Study

Why You Should Care About Sleep

Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, MS is a world-renowned airway and TMJ dentist and one of the main speakers for the 2023 Dental Sleep Mini-Residency.

Dr. Gelb is the co-author of GASP: Airway Health- The Hidden Path to Wellness, and the co-founder of both The Foundation for Airway Health and The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry.

The Gelb Center was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Michael Gelb’s father, Dr. Harold Gelb. Since then, Dr. Michael has taken his father’s findings to the next level through his Airway Centric® integrated therapy.


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Refund and Cancellation Policies:
All cancellations are to be made in writing. Registrations may be refunded at 100% if canceled within the first 24 hours of registration. Attendees can transfer their registration to another course one time without penalty up until 10 days prior to the course. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 10 days of the course.

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