Protect Your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice Course Description

This course, provided by the SCOPE Institute for Sleep Apnea & Craniofacial Pain Education, is your chance to pick the brain of Dr. Ken Berley, DDS, JD, practicing sleep apnea dentist and attorney, who offers an invaluable legal perspective to every dental practice involved in dental sleep medicine and sleep apnea treatment.

Dr. Berley will set the record straight on the dental sleep gray areas including:

  • Addressing Recent Dental Sleep Medicine Protocols and Confusions
  • Proper Forms – Including Informed Consent, & Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk
  • Reducing Risk Through Effective Communications and Documentation


Why You Need To Attend

transparent-green-checkmark-mdPracticing Attorney and D.ABDSM Sleep Apnea Dentist. Dr. Ken Berley, DDS, JD: 
transparent-green-checkmark-mdLearn which forms and documents you need to stay protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late!
transparent-green-checkmark-mdCharismatic instructor and interactive sessions makes risk management engaging and FUN. (Hard to believe, we know)


1.  Basic Dental Risk Management Principles

2.  Russell v. A. H.  Lawsuit details

3.  Informed Consent

4.  Unusual Risks associated with Dental Sleep Medicine

5.  Dental Sleep Medicine- A House Divided

6.  DSM- Shared and Transferred Liability

7.  Ken’s Creeds

8.  Patient Records- Use in Lawsuits

9.  Stark Law

10.  Federal Anti-Kickback Statutes

11.  False Claims Statute

12.  Third Party Liability

13.  Foreseeability

14.  Dental Sleep Medicine- Standard of Care

15.  AADSM Practice Parameters-  What they Mean

16.  Hearsay- Learned Treatise

1.  Legal Ramifications of EDS

2.  Ken’s Creeds cont.

3.  Shared and transferred liability cont.

4.  Patient Medical/Dental Records

5.  Intake Examination/ record development

6.  Transferred liability- Referrals

7.  Informed Refusals- How and when to use

8.  Medications-  Legal Ramifications in Dental Sleep Medicine

9.  Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk-  When & How to use

10.  Recall and Post insertion instructions

11.  TMD- Legal Ramifications

12.  How to use Dental Writer to minimize legal risk

13.  Medicare- what you must know/do to stay out of trouble.

Protect your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice Course In Detail

In today’s educational landscape, there is little to no education in dental school on sleep apnea treatment, and once out of school, many education groups give out just enough information to be dangerous, glossing over many crucial topics such as proper informed consent, release of liability forms and many other risk management protocols.

Because of the medical nature of sleep apnea, treatment, followup and documentation protocols are not the same as normal dental procedures and the dental practice needs to be well aware of the differences. Is the dental practice liable if one of their sleep apnea patients gets into a car accident because of drowsiness? What kind of documentation is required to have on file to protect yourself?

Dental Sleep Medicine is not hard. It is just different!

And these differences should never deter a dental practice from getting involved in sleep apnea treatment as it is one of the most rewarding and needed fields in dentistry. It is just important to understand these differences to ensure you are implementing the proper protocols from the get go.

Once set, your dental sleep medicine practice can flourish while you focus on the best quality of care for your patients.

So how do you get started in the right direction?

Dr. Berley has spent hundreds of hours developing and perfecting his risk management for dental sleep medicine course. Utilizing his knowledge as an attorney and his experience of treating hundreds of sleep apnea cases, Dr. Berley has refined and documented the protocols he implements in his own practice to ensure maximum protection.

From The Words of Dr. Berley:

“I will be digging deep into the legal aspects of implementing dental sleep medicine into the dental practice and Rose and her team will go over the billing and software. This is an essential two day seminar for dentists and team members, no matter what stage of the DSM journey you find yourselves in.

This course was designed to equip practices with the knowledge and documents to protect themselves from the consequences of providing treatment to sleep patients who could cause both automobile and industrial accidents.

Risk management of DSM will add value to every DSM strategy and will help establish gold standard protocols moving forward. I will help guide you through the steps necessary to safeguard your practice from the tidal wave of litigation that is a real possibility. In addition, team members will learn proper risk management protocols for medical billing, documentation, record keeping and patient communications. The value you receive from an educational seminar should go far beyond the weekend course.”

Dental Sleep Medicine Course

16 CE Credits



Dentist   $1,295

Team Member   $795

Dentist + 2 Team M.   $2,295



Dr. Ken Berley


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