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Course Description

This 2 day “Over-the Shoulder” seminar, provided by the SCOPE Institute for Sleep Apnea & Craniofacial Pain Education, is your opportunity to experience firsthand how the experts run a successful dental sleep medicine or TMD practice. Having a credentialed mentor can help propel you and your team to the next level in expanding your practice. By shadowing a successful TMJ/dental sleep practice and discussing how to overcome specific roadblocks you may be facing, your own practice will grow at a much faster rate than trying to do it all on your own.

Shadowing Dr Foster - 5

Dentists and their teams will be able to watch both the dental expert, and their staff treating live sleep apnea and TMJ cases. By shadowing the practice throughout the day, the dentist will observe communication with the patients during screenings and exams, and the protocols the entire team follows for each case, as well as following up with patients on the delivery of sleep and TMJ appliances, and troubleshooting appliances if not properly working.

Shadowing Dr Foster - 11

After the shadowing portion, a half-day will be spent discussing the witnessed cases, and reviewing a plan for implementing protocols in the dentists own practice.

Why You Need To Attend


  • Shadow a Successful TMJ/Dental Sleep Medicine Practice First-Hand.
  • Develop a blueprint with the expert to implement in your own TMJ/dental sleep practice.
  • Bring your team to observe the expert’s auxiliary duties and office flow.


12 CE Credits



Dentist   $3,495

Team Member   $1,995





Dr. Mayoor Patel


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