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34% of the North American population suffers from TM Dysfunction. Why refer out these patients?
36 states now mandate TMD coverage in healthcare plans with the Affordable Care Act!

The dental professional is the primary care provider for TM Dysfunction, capable of significantly improving the quality of life and overall health of these patients.

Additionally, in the realm of Dental Sleep Medicine, the AASM Practice Parameters for OSA put the responsibility clearly on dentists to catch and treat TMD problems in their patient follow-up exams.

In this renowned dental course, you will gain step-by-step guidance on implementing TMD treatment from Dr. Brock Rondeau, one of the most prestigious and recognized lecturers in dentistry.

This dental seminar will enable the dentist to evaluate what patients require, TMJ stabilization prior to restorative orthodontic or prosthetic treatment.

Step 1 – Stabilize the TMJ (Splint Therapy)

Step 2 – Orthodontic Case Finishing
• Porcelain Onlays
• Crown Bridge, Prosthetic Treatment

Thousands of dentists have implemented this practical approach to the problem of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which is prevalent in so much of the population of this common patient problem and how to treat it.

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*Includes extensive course manual


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Course Content:

Understanding TMD:

  • Anatomy of the TM Joint
  • Muscles of Mastication
  • Causes of TM Dysfunction
  • Five Stages of Derangement (disc displacement)
    • Clicking, slight pain
    • More clicking, intermittent locking, moderate pain
    • Chronic closed lock, severe pain
    • Early degenerative joint disease, pain
    • Advanced degenerative joint disease (crepitus), pain

Clinical Examination:

  • Patient History
  • Range of Motion
  • Muscle Palpation
  • Postural Assessment

Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)
  • TMJ X-rays, Tomograms
  • Differential Diagnosis
    • Intra-Capsular vs. Extra-Capsula
  • Bite Registration for Splint Therapy (phonetic bite)
  • Types of Splints
    • qualizer (temporary)
    • Flat Plane (acute injuries)
    • Repositioning (anteriorly displaced discs)
    • Anterior Deprogrammer (clenching at night)
    • Distraction Appliance (chronic closed lock)

After the Splint:

  • Neurological tests to determine if the mandible is in the correct position with the repositioning splint
  • How to File Insurance Claims for TM Dysfunction
  • Phase 1: Splint Therapy (4 months)
  • Phase II: Orthodontic Case Finishing (12-18 months)
  • Internal Marketing for TMJ Practice
  • External Marketing for TMJ Practice


Treatment of TMD Course

16 CE Credits



Dentist   $1,095

Team Member   $495

Dentist + 2 Team M.   $1,995




Dr. Brock Rondeau

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