Medical Billing Service for Dentists – TMJ & Dental Sleep Medicine Billing

What does CrossCode™ Dental Medical Billing Service offer?

Our medical billing service specializes in dental sleep medicine billing (sleep apnea), TMJ, implants, and oral surgeries for dental practices.

With over 20 experienced account managers and specialized dental-to-medical billers, we pride ourselves in fighting to maximize medical reimbursement for our dental clients!

In 2016, we are on track to collect over $4,000,000 in medical reimbursement for our dentists and their patients, making treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, and oral surgeries accessible to tens of thousands of patients.

check2Client mentoring We not only handle the billing process for you, we make sure you understand it. Our experienced industry experts will coach you and your team patient by patient. Not only will be perform your benefit verification, submit pre-authorizations, GAP exceptions and medical claims, we will also follow up on claims, submit appeals when necessary, and let you know how the estimated reimbursement vs. out of pocket amount.

check2We fight for the best benefits for your patients Obtaining GAP exceptions (in-network exceptions) can be the difference between your patient accepting treatment or not. Don’t let high deductibles and co-insurance limit your case acceptance and revenue! Our expert billers fight for the best scenario to help your patient maximize their reimbursement. Ask us what % of the allowable dentists using our billing service were reimbursed last month!

check2We can bill it all – Sleep Apnea, TMJ, & Oral Surgeries Don’t be restricted to the services you can send to your billing service. We are equipped to handle not only just sleep apnea, but also TMD and oral surgery services!

What makes CrossCode Medical Billing Services Different?

  Constant communication with your established account manager

Did your billing service stop returning your status calls? Don’t be left in the dark about what is going on with your claims. We ensure prompt and thorough communication on any submitted patients. We even have a dedicated team just for high volume accounts!

  Flat rate pricing for sleep apnea claims

Our flat rate pricing on sleep apnea claims (and even more special flat rate pricing for Medicare and in-network claims!!) will save you tons of money. See Comparison Chart

  Integration with your DentalWriter Software

Simply enter your patient’s history and exam information into DentalWriter and use our e-mail trigger to submit requests to our medical billing experts. Our experts will access your DentalWriter to get information required to process your requests, instead of having to fax information back and forth!

dental sleep medical billing services

How it Works

dental sleep medical billing services


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