Nierman Medical Billing Service for Dentists

The Most Experienced & Efficient Medical Billing Service for Dental Practices Treating Dental Sleep Medicine, Oral Surgeries, & TMD

Nierman Medical Billing Service for Dentists

We simplify medical billing for dental practices and get real results so you can focus on patient treatment and practice growth.

Dental Sleep Medicine Medical Billing

Oral Surgery Medical Billing

TMJ Disorder Medical Billing

CBCT Medical Billing & More

Medical Billing for Dental Procedures Made Easy

Incorporating medical reimbursement into the dental office is incredibly rewarding and profitable, yet can seem challenging and time-consuming. Nierman Medical Billing Services utilizes proprietary state-of-the-art technology that saves hours of time and emphasizes personalized, high-quality service that get you results fast, making it a win-win for your patients and your practice.

Take the weight off your team and have us do all the legwork. Utilizing our expert medical billing service team, you can increase case acceptance and set your practice apart with confidence.

What Makes Nierman MBS So Efficient

Nierman MBS leverages proprietary technology with the most experienced medical billing team in the dental industry to save time and maximize medical reimbursement for your dental practice.

Dedicated Concierge

Seamless Data Transfer

Ultra-Fast Turnaround Time

Automated Documentation

Accurate Cross-Coding

Real-Time Status Tracking

Or call 1-800-879-6468, option 1 to speak with a specialist on how Nierman Medical Billing Services can take your dental practice to new heights with medical billing reimbursement.

Dedicated Medical Billing Concierge

The Nierman Medical Billing Service simplifies medical billing for dental practices so your team can focus on treatment stress-free. Through our proprietary technology, your dedicated concierge stays on top of each case with seamless data transfer, communication, and follow-up. 

How it Works

Nierman Medical Billing Process