Dental Sleep Medicine Medicare DME Application Service for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Why should your Dental Practice become a Medicare DME Supplier?

  • Medicare is the Largest Health Insurer in the US: With over 67 million Medicare patients in 2020, becoming a DME supplier increases your OSA patient pool significantly. More than 10 million of those patients have supplementary insurance plans.
  • Become a One Stop Shop for OAT Referrals: Give physicians the peace of mind to refer all oral appliance patients to you, regardless of insurer.
  • Medicare patients don’t have to be a loss leader: With low cost Medicare appliances, streamlined claim processes and balance billing, making a profit on Medicare patients is common for our clients.

Completed DME Supplier Application for 1 Location




*Medicare charges a separate fee of $709 when filing a DME supplier application
DME Application

Get Approval Quickly. Let Nierman Handle Your Medicare DME Application.

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Why Nierman’s Medicare DME application service?

  • We Streamline the Paper Work: We will provide a condensed intake form and checklist we need to complete your 25 page application. 
  • We Know What Medicare Wants after Processing Thousands of Successful Applications: We make sure mandatory supporting documents, such as a copy of comprehensive liability insurance policy with NSC listed as a certificate holder, meet Medicare’s requirements.
  • We Supply all the Information You Need to Get it Right The First Time.
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