DentalWriter Plus Dental Sleep Medicine Software and Services Features

Seamless Medical Billing Service Integration

The DentalWriter Plus+ integration with Nierman Medical Billing Service makes medical billing reimbursement in dentistry easy and efficient.

  1. DentalWriter gathers all required patient data, builds your case of medical necessity, and generates your SOAP documentation and medical codes.
  2. The new Nierman Medical Billing Service Request Wizard seamlessly pulls in all required information and creates a service request to your dedicated medical billing concierge.
  3. Users can then stay up-to-date with real-time status updates and communicate directly with their concierge in the MBS Portal.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined process creates an efficient, paperless workflow saving hours of time.
  • Eliminates double entry, email, faxing, and phone tag.
  • DentalWriter’s forms gather all required data. Required fields of the Request Wizard eliminates any chance of missing information that would create delays or back-and-forth with a billing service.
  • Real-time status updates keep the office in-the-know of all outstanding claims and service requests.

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