If you are billing medical insurance for TMD, sleep apnea appliances for obstructive sleep apnea, and oral surgeries it’s imperative that you are ready for ICD-10.

On October 1st, 2015 crosscoders are moving from the coding set ICD 9, (International Classification of Diseases) to ICD-10.

Therefore, even for offices that are not billing medical insurance, learning ICD-10 is important as some dental insurers are gearing up to require ICD diagnosis codes on dental claims.

But don’t worry, there are steps that you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

5 steps for dental offices to get ready for ICD-10

1. Become familiar with the ICD-10 codes and new developments in medical billing in dentistry by attending a seminar.

2. Ensure that your medical billing practice management system is ready.

3. Catch up on your claims so that there is no backlog.

4. Check that your claim forms, the CMS 1500, are the most recent one – Version 02/12.

5. File your claims quickly after the transition.

Every health care provider will be switching over to ICD-10 on the same day, so being ready with clean claims will ensure reimbursement without glitches.

Taking these steps will reduce the stress of implementing ICD-10 for a smooth transition.

Where to go from here

Fortunately, If you are looking for a seminar on ICD-10 and cross-coding from dental to medical insurance, we’ve got you covered with many upcoming dates throughout the United States. Contact us at www.NiermanCE.com for more information.

Our Cross-coding programs are taught by Rose Nierman, RDH. Rose Nierman pioneered the cross-coding field in dentistry in 1988 by writing the first manual and software for cross-coding and sharing her knowledge across the country to dental practices seeking to bill medical insurance for TMJ treatment. Most of all, Ms. Nierman stays on the cutting edge of current medical billing knowledge and presents the most ethical protocols for billing. So from her 30+ years of experience in the dental-medical billing field, she is a wealth of knowledge, and her warm, energetic speaking style makes medical billing fun!