Tequesta, FL

Nierman Practice Management dental CE courses will now be available to livestream, plus additional virtual-only courses in Dental Sleep Medicine have been added to the 2020 schedule.

  • Nierman will now offer a livestream of every live course for the foreseeable future
  • These livestreams also include Nierman’s mini-residencies in DSM and Orofacial Pain
    • The singular exception will be their Hands-On Dental Sleep & Pain Course, which is specifically designed for an in-person experience.
  • Three new, virtual-only courses (Diving into Dental Sleep Medicine) have been added to the 2020 Schedule.

Nierman Practice Management’s renowned courses in dental sleep medicine, TMD, and medical billing in dentistry will now be offered live and virtually. Each live course, including their DSM and Orofacial Pain Mini-Residencies, will also be livestreamed during the course. Participants on the livestream will be able to ask questions and interact with the speakers and attendees. Course materials will be emailed to the virtual attendees, and the more hands-on aspects of the course will be filmed in a way that all virtual attendees will receive the full experience. Recordings of the course will also be made and available to live and virtual course attendees.

In addition to Nierman’s existing CE courses, a new virtual course has been added to the 2020 schedule. The new course, Diving into Dental Sleep Medicine, will be offered three different times between August and November. The course will cover the introduction, screening, and treatment workflow for OSA, the pros and cons of the major appliances, and getting paid by medical insurance for OSA treatment. Speakers for this course include: Rose Nierman, Dr. Mayoor Patel, Frank Madrigal, Dr. Mark Murphy, and Dr. Mark Abramson. Registration is now open for all three course dates.

Nierman Practice Management has been educating dentist’s and dental practices for over 30 years. All Nierman CE courses emphasize practical knowledge and implementation. In-person courses try to provide hands-on experiences for attendees, while virtual courses focus on step-by-step procedures. Each interactive livestream designed to set you on the path for successfully implementing the course.

View the most recent course schedule here.