Renowned director, George T. Nierenberg, spoke with Nierman Practice Management about his upcoming sleep apnea documentary, Out of Breath at a complimentary webinar last night.

  • The director discussed his personal relationship with the sleep apnea crisis.
  • In response to the film, and to show additional support for the documentary, NiermanPM introduced a tiered reward system for donors.

Nierman Practice Management interviewed director George T. Nierenberg, at a public webinar on Wednesday, September 16 at 6 pm EDT. Nierenberg is an acclaimed filmmaker. In this webinar, he discussed his current project, Out of Breath, a documentary about the sleep apnea crisis. This film was created to bring greater awareness to sleep apnea and the 1 billion people in the world who suffer from it. During the interview-style webinar, Nierenberg discussed his personal journey with sleep apnea and the novel approach he is using to make the film. He also showed clips from his upcoming promotional video for the documentary.

To raise more awareness and funding for the documentary, during the webinar Nierman Practice Management announced the company will be offering free access to upcoming interactive livestream seminars, for people who donate a certain amount to the film.

For donations of $500, NiermanPM will offer 1 complimentary virtual seminar registration, for a donation of $800, donors can receive 2 complimentary virtual seminar registrations from Nierman Practice Management, and for a donation of $1200, NiermanPM will offer 3 complimentary virtual seminar registrations. Virtual Seminar courses are listed on the current Nierman CE schedule.

Nierman Practice Management has been supporting dental offices for over 30 years. The company offers renowned dental solutions in medical billing, dental sleep medicine, and TMJ. NiermanPM offers many CE opportunities, including live, online, and on-demand courses. For those interested in learning more about dental sleep medicine, they offer many courses throughout the year. You can find the recently expanded Nierman CE schedule here.