Tequesta, FL

Cross-Coding icon, Rose Nierman, has launched a new medical billing in dentistry video blog series, called Rose’s Rules.

  • For the next 9 weeks, Nierman will be releasing a short vlog a week
  • Each vlog will cover a short tip about medical billing in dentistry
  • The vlogs are a behind-the-scenes look at Nierman’s online learning platform, Nierman CE+

Rose Nierman and Nierman Practice Management have launched a new medical billing in dentistry blog series. In each video blog (or vlog), cross-coding icon, Rose Nierman, will dive into a different subject matter important to medical billing in dentistry. These videos are part of a series called “Rose’s Rules” to medical billing in dentistry.

Topics will include common questions like “what is a medically necessary service?” as well as tips such as when and how to fill out field #20 Outside Lab. The topics selected are commonly searched and asked questions about medical billing in dentistry.

The vlog series is part of Nierman’s new online learning platform for dental offices, Nierman CE+. Rose’s Rules is an inside look at the new platform, which includes the most comprehensive suite of courses for medical billing in dentistry available online, in addition to courses on dental sleep medicine and TMJ.

Nierman Practice Management has been supporting dentists for over 32 years. Their company founded, Rose Nierman, is the most experienced cross-coding and medical billing in dentistry educator in the country. The company’s dental CE program includes live, online, and on-demand courses in medical billing, dental sleep medicine, and TMJ. Find the recently expanded Nierman CE schedule here.