Dental Sleep Practice | Summer 2023 Issue


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For more than three decades, Nierman Practice Management has been dedicated to offering exceptional support to dental practices in various areas, including medical billing, dental sleep medicine, and TMJ. With their extensive experience, they have become a trusted name in the industry.

One of the key offerings from Nierman is their robust dental continuing education (CE) program. They provide a wide range of courses that can be accessed through live sessions, online modules, and on-demand resources throughout the year. These courses are designed to keep dental professionals updated with the latest advancements and practices in the field.

To further enhance their educational offerings, Nierman offers a cutting-edge online learning platform called Nierman CE+. This platform serves as a comprehensive hub for dental practices seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. Among its many courses, the most comprehensive suite available online focuses on medical billing in dentistry.

For more information about the courses offered by Nierman and to explore their expanded CE schedule, we recommend visiting their recently updated Nierman CE schedule. This will provide you with detailed insights into the wide array of educational opportunities they provide.

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