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If your dental practice is offering services for obstructive sleep apnea appliances, TMJ treatment, oral surgeries, bone grafting, sinus lifts, frenectomies, and many other necessary treatments, you should be maximizing your medical insurance reimbursement to increase your case acceptance, revenue, and referrals!

Successfully integrate medical billing in dentistry and learn directly from cross-coding icon Rose Nierman through ultra-HD self-paced online training.

Through this state-of-the-art online learning platform, it’s never been easier to become a confident medical billing in dentistry cross-coder.

Why The Complete Cross-Coder Medical Billing in Dentistry Online Courses?


What's Included

  • Access to ultra-HD self-paced medical billing in dentistry online courses
  • Over 22 hours of CE lessons, videos, and quizzes
  • Monthly check-ins and Q&A with cross-coding icon, Rose Nierman

How it Works

  • Access your online courses from your Nierman CE Plus+ Library
  • Start learning online, with 60+ videos, text, and quiz lessons
  • Use your in-lesson “Ask Rose” button to get your questions answered
  • Become an expert Cross-Coder for oral surgeries, sleep apnea, and TMJ medical billing in no time!
Medical Billing in Dentistry Online Course for sleep apnea, TMJ, oral surgeries

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Online Medical Billing in Dentistry Courses Included in The Complete Cross-Coder

Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry Seminar Replay Course
Cross-Coders Q&A Webinars

Course Curriculum:

Cross-Coding: Medical Billing in Dentistry

Introduction to Medical Billing in Dentistry

First Things First: Getting Started with Medical Billing

Procedures that can be Billed to Medical

Medical Billing & Coding Terminology

Selecting ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes for Medical Necessity

Common CPT and HCPCS Codes for Dental Practices

Verification of Medical Insurance Benefits

Successful Preauthorizations of Medical Insurance

Evaluation and Management Codes

CBCT & Radiographs for Medical Billing in Dentistry

Completing the Medical Claim Form

Medical Billing for Accident Cases

Network Gap Exceptions to Maximize Reimbursement

Modifiers for Medical Billing Codes

Tying it all Together

Appealing Denials

Dental Sleep Apnea Medical Billing

Medical Billing for OSA- Getting Started

Preauthorizations for Dental Sleep Medicine

Documentation for Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental Sleep Medicine Codes and Claims

Medicare for Sleep Apnea

TMJ Medical Billing in Dentistry

TMJ Medical Billing Introduction

TMJ Medical Billing in Dentistry – Getting Started

TMJ Predeterminations & Preauthorizations

TMJ Medical Coding

Oral Surgery Medical Billing in Dentistry

Course Introduction

Medical Billing for Bone Grafts

Medical Billing for Cellulitis, Abscesses & Cysts

Medical Billing for Oral Implants

Medical Billing for Extractions

Medical Billing for Mucositis

Medical Billing for Frenectomies

Crosscoding Seminar Replay: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing

CrossCoding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry (March 2021)

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

CrossCoding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry (February 2021)

CrossCoding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry (January 2021)

CrossCoding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry (November 2020)

CrossCoding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry (October 2020)

CrossCoding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry (August 2020)

Nierman Practice Management Livestream

Cross-Coders Q&A Webinars

June 2021 Cross-Coders Q&A

May 2021 Monthly Medical Billing in Dentistry Q&A

April 2021 Cross-Coders Q&A

March 2021 Nierman CE Cross-Coders Q&A

February 2021 Cross-Coders Q&A

January 2021 Cross-Coders Q&A

December 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

November 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

October 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

September 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

August 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

July 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

June 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

May 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A

April 2020 Cross-Coders Q&A TMJ

In addition to the course, we offer on-going support so you can feel comfortable and become a master at medical billing!

What our Clients are Saying

  • Great course! Had a blast and lots a great info!

    Natalie Burkette Avatar Natalie Burkette

    Great cross coding class.

    Emily Narae Barnett Avatar Emily Narae Barnett

    I thought the course was amazingly helpful. I learned so much about medical billing. The people are incredibly knowledgeable.

    Kathryn Jones Avatar Kathryn Jones

    Great information on cross coding! Rose is wonderful and very knowledgeable!

    Shannen Caudill Avatar Shannen Caudill

    The cross coding course was amazing! It was extremely informative and I feel very confident in my start to medical billing. Rose is phenomenal!

    Hannah Shires Avatar Hannah Shires

    This class was very informative and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about medical billing in your dental office.

    Mary Kur Avatar Mary Kur
  • I highly recommend Mrs Sandra Billy to everyone looking for Forex and Bitcoin trader. Words can't describe the wonderful work you did on my trading account, I am delighted I... read more

    Orätïlë Möägï Avatar Orätïlë Möägï

    Great course and a true eye opener about the possibilities of billing medical for dental procedures. Highly recommend.

    David E Stall Avatar David E Stall

    Wonderful company to work with! They are very helpful and thier medical billing department is amazing!

    Becky Reed Avatar Becky Reed

    This class is AWSOME!! they really go in depth and answer all my questions!!! There software is nothing like I've ever seen truly helpful in every aspect of billing!

    Charlain LaRee Phelan Avatar Charlain LaRee Phelan

    I’m attending the CrossCoding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry course in Dallas, TX and I’m so happy I found this course! Very professional and well presented... read more

    Wendy Zufall Turner Avatar Wendy Zufall Turner

    For anyone new to medical billing for TMD/Sleep. Not much covered on oral surgery.

    Ellen Schmidt Clark Avatar Ellen Schmidt Clark
  • This would be my second time taking this course and each time I take away so much valuable and great information to help our patients maximize their medical benefits for... read more

    Eileen Garcia Avatar Eileen Garcia

    I love Nierman Practrice Management! Just got done with training in Atlanta Georgia with Rose and Courtney. They are wonderful! Btw Dental Writer is a life saver!!!

    LeAndy Vercande Avatar LeAndy Vercande

    Great presentation. It's all coming together now. Great resources. Keep up the good job.

    Sandro Ordonez Avatar Sandro Ordonez

    Just finished a great course with Nierman for medical billing. Learned so much and can’t thank them enough for the knowledge I’m leaving with. Crosscoding seemed so daunting before this... read more

    Lacey Lynn Coleman Avatar Lacey Lynn Coleman

    Great courses and instructors. Lots of information and lots of fun too. I highly recommend all of their courses.

    Mindy Elder Cross Avatar Mindy Elder Cross

    This is a great cross coding course. Very informative and thorough. Rose, Jon, Janice, and the rest of the Nierman Practice Management team have given, hands down, great customer service... read more

    Rachael Eileen Osburn Avatar Rachael Eileen Osburn
  • I took one of the courses and these people know their stuff! Not only that but you can tell that they enjoy what they do. I would recommend them... read more

    Rosie Gallardo Avatar Rosie Gallardo

    My staff and I left the course with loads of excitement and lots knowledge to be able to bill out Sleep Appliances to medical insurance. Thank you everyone at Nierman... read more

    Joline Cayton Avatar Joline Cayton

    Just attended the cross coding seminar in Dallas and learned so much. Can't wait to go to the advanced course in October.

    Candy Bonds Moser Avatar Candy Bonds Moser

    I would recommend this course they are excellent.

    Brenda Mallett Avatar Brenda Mallett

    The team over at Nierman is top notch. As a partner with Nierman, I can say this organization puts it's clients, employees, and partners first.

    Amir Reiter Avatar Amir Reiter

    Nerman Practice Management/Dental Writer they have been amazing support and service for our practice - Kuhn Denal Associates, Aberdeen, NC. truly recommend joining their Team!!

    Diane Moore Avatar Diane Moore
  • Can’t wait to implement everything we have been learning this weekend! Finally feel confident enough to tackle medical billing with the knowledge and support of this amazing group!

    Ashley Michelle Avatar Ashley Michelle

    Rose, thank you I learned a lot and your staff is very knowledgeable and helpful!

    Debbie Mackman Avatar Debbie Mackman

    They are very helpful with all of my medical billing needs!!

    Amanda Papenburg Avatar Amanda Papenburg

    Great information. Great cross coding course! Stayed focus, on point and super informative.

    Rochelle Riley Avatar Rochelle Riley

    This was one of tbe best seminers i been to in a long time.

    Rikki Maldonado Avatar Rikki Maldonado

    Having the opportunity to participant in this course was amazing. I learned valuable information that myself and my office associates can’t wait to relay back to our office. Thank you... read more

    Alexis Taylor Avatar Alexis Taylor
  • So much info and so helpful with all the questions we have!!!!! Highly recommend them!

    Kristie Liner Hines Avatar Kristie Liner Hines

    Nierman Practice Management/Dental Writer they have been amazing with their products and support. My coworker and I attended the cross coding course in Long Beach CA Very informative. I... read more

    Stephanie Wooters Avatar Stephanie Wooters

    Awesome class in Atlanta! Very informative on medical billing in the dental practice.

    Nikki Whaley Wilson Avatar Nikki Whaley Wilson

    Very knowledgeable!! So glad I took this course!!

    Stacey Summers Weis Avatar Stacey Summers Weis

    Very informative course for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in medical coding of dental procedures

    Kirsten Lee Avatar Kirsten Lee

    Just finished my course, it is very informative and the people are great! They make coding fun and give you great tools to maximize your practice’s income!

    Carol Ann Denhartog Avatar Carol Ann Denhartog
  • Just finished the course and it was so informative!

    Robin Dasher Simpson Avatar Robin Dasher Simpson

    I am attending a seminar right now, and we have only made it through part of the seminar and I am already excited to out to use what I have... read more

    Valerie Meyer Avatar Valerie Meyer

    Awesome Seminar. Learned so much, there are so many ways for patients to use their medical insurance and lower their out of pocket cost and with the tools learned here... read more

    Espie Osorio Avatar Espie Osorio

    Fabulous information. Rose kept me fully entertained throughout the very helpful and informative meeting. I plan to send other staff members to this same seminar in the future!

    Aimee Nash Avatar Aimee Nash

    Staff attended a seminar regarding medical billing & understanding codes NPA Very helpful They answered all questions &we had many! Seminar was up beat & energetic. It was my 3rd time we... read more

    Cheri Core King Avatar Cheri Core King

    Awesome seminar! so informative.

    Shari McCracken Avatar Shari McCracken
  • We have been billing medical insurance for oral sleep apnea appliances and receiving reimbursement for several months now. We could not do it without the education we received at... read more

    Robert C Rogers Jr Avatar Robert C Rogers Jr

    Highly recommend this seminar. Learned a lot. Very informative and engaging. ��

    Tanya Abraham Avatar Tanya Abraham

    I recommend that all Dental Offices attend this course. I have had alot of questions regarding medical coding and feel very confident I can now go back and bill confidently

    Betsy Hargett Avatar Betsy Hargett

    Attending class in Atlanta this weekend. Great information and entertaining throughout.

    Melissa Aurisma Avatar Melissa Aurisma

    “I really enjoyed this course. I liked the in-class demos/examples/ materials provided and to lye sample handouts to help remember the material. I can not wait until Monday to implement... read more

    Emily Pollick Avatar Emily Pollick

    Great course. Very informative! We learned a lot and the support will be very helpful moving forward with medical billing.

    Raoul Shah Avatar Raoul Shah
  • Amazing course! Very informative! I knew nothing about medical coding yesterday morning. Now I am confident I will be able to start filing medical claims for our dental practice. Thank... read more

    Jacqueline Cavender Avatar Jacqueline Cavender

    Flew to Florida all the way from Alaska to take part in their advanced medical billing class. So worth the trip! They provide real information and don’t try to bait... read more

    Megan Ferguson Avatar Megan Ferguson

    I attended the Crosscoding course in Atalanta and received valuable information.

    Melisa Jewett Henry Avatar Melisa Jewett Henry

    Just finished the Nierman medical cross coding course in Phoenix! The teaching, tools, and information given was super helpful. I can't wait to get back to work put... read more

    Justin N Erin Jung Avatar Justin N Erin Jung

    Great courses if you are looking to learn and grow in dental sleep medicine and TMD.

    Sara Vizcarra Avatar Sara Vizcarra

    Was a great seminar. Received great information. Thank You

    Annette Perreault Baker Avatar Annette Perreault Baker
  • Is good to know how to unleash the $$, not the I don't care about my patients, I do; but treat them well (my patients), and getting good rewards $$$,... read more

    Angel Lopez Avatar Angel Lopez

    CrossCoding was a very beneficial course! Rose did an excellent job.

    JerryandKristin Pruitt Avatar JerryandKristin Pruitt

    Great seminar in Long Beach California! Thank you for all of the great information!

    Lori Galindo Holt Avatar Lori Galindo Holt

    Team is great!!! So much info. Can’t wait to get it rolling when get back to work. So much information. Thank you Rose and team for a great weekend.

    Denise Kendrick Morrow Avatar Denise Kendrick Morrow

    I continue to be at my best in what I do because I also try to assimilate best practices and best techniques and best knowledge from the BEST in the... read more

    Cecy Parze Avatar Cecy Parze

    The seminar has been very informative and also hands on , examples ,scenarios ,the percentages of acceptance and denial of codes by the team discussed has given an... read more

    Madhavi Guduru Avatar Madhavi Guduru


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