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Learn Dental-to-Medical Billing for Sleep Apnea, TMD, & Surgeries from icon Rose Nierman through The Complete Cross-Coder online medical billing in dentistry courses. 


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NiermanPM Online Medical Billing in Dentistry Course

The Complete Cross-Coder Online Course Series

If your dental practice is offering services for obstructive sleep apnea appliances, TMJ treatment, oral surgeries, bone grafting, sinus lifts, frenectomies, and many other necessary treatments, you should be maximizing your medical insurance reimbursement to increase your case acceptance, revenue, and referrals!

Successfully integrate medical billing in dentistry and learn directly from cross-coding icon Rose Nierman.

The Complete Cross-Coder includes the following 4 online courses:

CrossCoding: Medical Billing in Dentistry Online Course

Dental Sleep Apnea Medical Billing Online Course

TMJ Medical Billing Online Course

Oral Surgeries Medical Billing Online Course

Take your practice to the next level by becoming a dental-to-medical cross-coding practice.

Why The Complete Cross-Coder Online Courses?


What's Included

  • Year-long access to all self-paced medical billing-in-dentistry online courses
  • Over 14 hours of CE lessons, videos, and quizzes
  • Monthly Q&A with cross-coding icon, Rose Nierman

How it Works

  • Access your online courses from your Nierman CE+ Library
  • Start learning online, with 60+ videos, text, and quiz lessons
  • Use your in-lesson “Ask Rose” button when you need help
  • Become an expert Cross-Coder in no time!
Nierman Online Medical Billing Course

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Online Medical Billing in Dentistry Courses Included in The Complete Cross-Coder

Course Curriculum:

Cross-Coding: Medical Billing in Dentistry

Introduction to Medical Billing in Dentistry

First Things First: Getting Started with Medical Billing

Procedures that can be Billed to Medical

Medical Billing & Coding Terminology

Selecting ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes for Medical Necessity

Common CPT and HCPCS Codes for Dental Practices

Verification of Medical Insurance Benefits

Successful Preauthorizations of Medical Insurance

Evaluation and Management Codes

CBCT & Radiographs for Medical Billing in Dentistry

Completing the Medical Claim Form

Medical Billing for Accident Cases

Network Gap Exceptions to Maximize Reimbursement

Modifiers for Medical Billing Codes

Tying it all Together

Appealing Denials

Dental Sleep Apnea Medical Billing

Medical Billing for OSA- Getting Started

Preauthorizations for Dental Sleep Medicine

Documentation for Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental Sleep Medicine Codes and Claims

Medicare for Sleep Apnea

TMJ Medical Billing in Dentistry

TMJ Medical Billing Introduction

TMJ Medical Billing in Dentistry – Getting Started

TMJ Predeterminations & Preauthorizations

TMJ Medical Coding

Oral Surgery Medical Billing in Dentistry

Course Introduction

Medical Billing for Bone Grafts

Medical Billing for Cellulitis, Abscesses & Cysts

Medical Billing for Oral Implants

Medical Billing for Extractions


What our Clients are Saying

  • positive review  Best course ever! Honestly, if you’re looking for factual information fast...take their courses!

    Alexandra Alvarado Avatar Alexandra Alvarado

    positive review  Very informative course for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in medical coding of dental procedures

    Kirsten Lee Avatar Kirsten Lee

    positive review  Fantastic course full of amazing information. Rose made it fun, easy to follow and got me so excited to get back to the office and start cross coding ASAP! Thanks so much for all your help Rose!!!

    Laura Nicole Bechtler Avatar Laura Nicole Bechtler
  • positive review  Great cross coding class.

    Emily Narae Barnett Avatar Emily Narae Barnett

    positive review  Great course, with very knowledgeable and helpful people.

    Courtney Colter Avatar Courtney Colter

    positive review  Very knowledgeable!! So glad I took this course!!

    Stacey Summers Weis Avatar Stacey Summers Weis
  • positive review  Absolutely! One of the most powerful and informative courses I’ve attended in a wile! As far as medical coding/billing is concerned... WOW! Feel like a superwoman who can bill everything to medical, I hear #thereisacodeforthat Thank you guys! Really

    Anahit Hakobyan Avatar Anahit Hakobyan

    positive review  “I really enjoyed this course. I liked the in-class demos/examples/ materials provided and to lye sample handouts to help remember the material. I can not wait until Monday to implement everything I learned . II would recommend Rose and Nierman Practice Management to all Dental Offices .

    Emily Pollick Avatar Emily Pollick

    positive review  Having the opportunity to participant in this course was amazing. I learned valuable information that myself and my office associates can’t wait to relay back to our office. Thank you for your amazing opportunity!

    Alexis Taylor Avatar Alexis Taylor
  • positive review  I would recommend this course they are excellent.

    Brenda Mallett Avatar Brenda Mallett

    positive review  My staff and I left the course with loads of excitement and lots knowledge to be able to bill out Sleep Appliances to medical insurance. Thank you everyone at Nierman Practice Management. You have made us anxious to get back to the office to start our process.

    Joline Cayton Avatar Joline Cayton

    positive review  Can’t wait to implement everything we have been learning this weekend! Finally feel confident enough to tackle medical billing with the knowledge and support of this amazing group!

    Ashley Michelle Avatar Ashley Michelle
  • positive review  Their Cross coding Course is absolutely amazing! Rose is truely knowledge! Can't wait to get back to the office on Monday and implement everything we have learnt! Thank you Russell for asking if I needed assistance while I was on your website 😊

    Daydette Sesay Avatar Daydette Sesay

    positive review  Got so much great info this weekend! Can’t wait to try what I learned on Monday!😀

    Linda Carnes Avatar Linda Carnes

    positive review  Rose, thank you I learned a lot and your staff is very knowledgeable and helpful!

    Debbie Mackman Avatar Debbie Mackman


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