DentalWriter™ Plus+ Software &
Nierman Medical Billing Service

The leading medical billing solution & dental software for dental sleep medicine, TMD, oral surgeries, & medical billing in dentistry.

DentalWriter™ Plus+ makes the workflow, documentation, and medical billing easy for dental sleep medicine, TMD, and oral surgery practice growth.

Achieve ultra-efficiency with intelligent dental EMR software & an expert support team behind you.


Implement a Dental Sleep Medicine & TMJ Treatment workflow that will help your dental practice and entire team stay organized. Save time with online patient questionnaires and electronic exams and forms for your every need.

DentalWriter software on ipad

Bill Medical.

DentalWriter builds your cases of medical necessity, so you can maximize medical billing success for Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ, oral surgeries, bone grafts, CBCT, and more. Cross-code from dental to medical with the click of a button and generate powerful SOAP reports that back up your medical claims. Increase case acceptance and revenue and offer the best patient experience possible to grow your practice.

DentalWriter on PC


Establish physician referral networks to acquire new patient streams and grow your dental sleep medicine, TMD, and implant practice. Create a WOW factor with effortlessly generated narrative SOAP reports that leave a lasting impression with physicians and keep them in the loop. Use Quickletters™ to send additional collaboration letters & prescription forms. Keep track of referrals and more with DentalWriter™ reporting features.

Physician referrals with DentalWriter

With the easy step-by-step workflow of DentalWriter™ software and renowned Nierman Training & Support, your dental practice can establish a proven, repeatable system to achieve your goals in dental sleep medicine, TMJ, oral surgeries, & medical billing.


How It Works

DentalWriter’s 4 simple steps transform you into a master of the medical-model in dentistry

DentalWriter Dental to Medical Billing Software for Dental Sleep Medicine, TMJ, & Oral Surgeries Online Patient Questionnaire
DentalWriter Dental Software for Sleep Apnea, TMJ, Oral Surgeries Exam for Medical Billing & SOAP Reports
DentalWriter Software Step 3
DentalWriter Software Step 4

After the patient completes the DentalWriter™ online questionnaire, and your practice completes the exam workflow chairside, DentalWriter™ will:

  • NIntelligently populate the medical claim form (that you can send electronically)
  • NGenerate your detailed narrative reports (in S.O.A.P. format) that will serve as your communication to the various referring physicians, and documentation for medical reimbursement success!

Let DentalWriter™ do the work for you and focus on what you do best, quality patient care.

Nierman Practice Management is without a doubt, the leader in Dental Sleep Medicine insurance billing software and more importantly, keeping its current and potential healthcare professional subscribers up to date with the most cutting edge information, knowledge, and new technology via their weekly webinars and courses offered many times throughout the year. You will never ever find a company that offers better customer support than the Nierman’s, I promise.

Dr. Kevin Soliday

Independent Business Owner, Sleep Apnea Solutions: Gettysburg

The Nierman Team is a very well-oiled precision team.! They not only make it E.A.S.Y they are seriously gifted with how they deliver customer service, great communication, and superior professionalism throughout all aspects of the business relationship! The Nierman software platform is “pure Genius” … it doesn’t matter if you’re a brand newbie or an ole’ head. Nierman will not disappoint!

Dr. Aland D. Walker

Founder/Dental Director, D’zign-A-Smile Dental Center & Spa

Features & Benefits


DentalWriter™ Online Questionnaires

Web-based patient questionnaire data instantly imports into your DentalWriter™ to save you time and double-entry.


Customizable Exams

Smooth workflow for each step of your treatment process. Data from the exams creates your SOAP narrative reports and links codes to the medical claim form.


Access over 250 template letters for your every need in dental sleep medicine, TMJ disorders, and medical billing in dentistry. From financial & treatment consent, to marketing, referrals, insurance appeals & so much more.

DentalWriter™ Cloud Solution

The perfect solution for practices that work from multiple locations, or maintain their administrative and/or billing departments outside of the practice.


Secure Fax Integration

Securely send, receive, digitally sign, and scan HIPAA compliant faxes right from DentalWriter™.

Powerful Reporting

Run reports to capture key data to stay on top of your practice, including medical claims reports, physician referrals, sleep study reports, & more.

Why Choose DentalWriter™?

Unmatched Training and Support

DentalWriter™ members receive unparalleled access to training & support resources, including the Nierman Training Specialists, experts in cross-coding and dental sleep medicine / TMD implementation.


Customer Satisfaction

Team Members


Fully Customizable

Tailor your questionnaires, exam forms, follow-ups, and template letters to your exact flow, or use the default forms which have become the gold standard for dental sleep medicine and TMJ disorder treatment.

Flexible Workflows


Plug-and-Play Forms

DentalWriter custom workflow

One System for All Medically-Necessary Services

DentalWriter™ is the all-in-one dental software for dental sleep. Achieve improved growth and excellent patient retention in dental services including dental sleep medicine, TMJ, TMD, oral surgery and more.

  • NDental Sleep Medicine
  • NTMJ Disorders
  • NOral Surgeries
  • NDental Implants & Related Procedures
  • NPediatric & more

DentalWriter™ ReviewsSee What DentalWriter™ Can Do For Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, and Implant Practice Growth

“Nierman Practice Management’s DentalWriter Software makes it easy for us to implement a dental sleep medicine workflow. It saves us and our patients time while maximizing intake information. It allows us to easily collaborate with physicians involved in patient care with generated SOAP reports.”

- David D Binder, DDS

“Getting involved with Dental Sleep Medicine and using DentalWriter were two of the best practice decisions I’ve ever made.”

- Robert Levy, DMD

DentalWriter™ helps thousands of dentists achieve practice growth in dental sleep medicine / sleep apnea, TMD, and medical billing.

Let Nierman Practice Management help you get your ducks in a row for 2021 and beyond.

“We were trying to do it all ourselves and the time commitment was overwhelming. I purchased DW exactly a year ago, and it has been well worth the investment, in dollars and in time spent learning the software. It has become our best marketing tool for expanding our sleep presence among physicians. DW has been great with phone support and training too. I wouldn't try to practice sleep and TMD without it.”

Dr. John Bryson in Tupelo, MS

Getting involved with Dental Sleep Medicine and using Dentalwriter were two of the best practice decisions I've ever made.

Dr. Robert Levy, DMD in Saint Louis, MO

“Although we are new users of Dental Writer, the Man-hours saved and peace of mind has already made the investment well worth every penny. Also, as a dental practice that has never filed a medical ins. claim, this service has greatly streamlined the process and removed most of the potential headaches associated with dealing with medical insurance.”

Dr. Pete Richards in Hendersonville, NC

“Record keeping for OSA patients and exam forms are great. Claim form=Great. Referral letters to physician are Great...wonderful feedback, too! NPM makes a difficult job easier to perform for everyone in the office.

I could not imagine practicing Dental Sleep Medicine without DentalWriter!”

Frank Berman, D.D.S., Kingston, PA

“Thank you for making it possible to successfully integrate Dental Sleep Medicine into their practice, provide life changing treatment for our patients...and get paid for it!” We couldn't dream of offering our Dental Sleep Solutions to our patients that desperately need it, without the great software and support that DentalWriter provides or the assistance with billing.”

Elizabeth Griffith

“I've been using Rose Nierman's Dental Writer software for over 20 years. It has consistently gotten us the best results with filing our medical claims and corresponding with our medical counterparts. The improvements and updates over the years keep it current and relevant in today's practice setting.”

John T. Hauge, D.M.D. Bangor, ME

“Our office specializes in TMD and sleep apnea treatment and DentalWriter has made filing medical claims a breeze. I like the webinar training courses and the customer service representatives always get back with me quickly when I have a question and answer my questions and thoroughly. We have our forms set up online for patients to fill out prior to their appointment, saving us time as well as knowing about the patient before they arrive.”

Aubrie Tanner of Bruce Kanehl D.D.S., Jacksonville, FL

"I have been practicing TMJ, Orofacial Pain Management and now Sleep Apnea treatment for 28 years and have found DentalWriter™ to be invaluable in my practice. I get professional letters to referring doctors and insurance providers quickly and easily. I highly recommend DentalWriter™. You will wonder how you ever functioned without it."

Dr. Mark Abramson, OASYS Appliance Inventor in Redwood, CA

“The on-line new patient health histories are so in depth & so professional. The letters we are able to easily generate to our sleep doctors & other referring doctors are so professional & thorough. I feel the product represents the thorough care we provide as an office. We love this product!”

Tina of Dr. Max Ebrahimian, Scotts Valley, CA

“DentalWriter has allowed our office to help people who are at the end of their rope with a life-threatening illness and without being able to bill medical they would not be able to get a sleep appliance. It is easy software to use with a great reward!!”

Holly of Dr. Lance Timmerman D.M.D, Seattle, WA

“The best source for CrossCoding from Dental to Medical Insurance. For Implants, Perio, TMD and other services, the software has revolutionized our practice by keeping us current and in the game. The latest customizable software is brilliant and will keep us in the game for many years to come. My advice to the dental office would be to purchase the software, it will only make you current, efficient and profitable.”

Dr. Leo Malin in Onalaska, WI

“DentalWriter simplifies the learning curve not only for the Dentist but for the staff. It really simplifies the documentation, creates the letters, reports, and insurance forms. It keeps us on track and helps create the reports that help get us paid and increase our referrals. Why work with DentalWriter? It has to do with integrity. We’ve been working with Rose Nierman for a long time and we know her and the company. There’s longevity and support from the company and that means a lot when we choose a vendor.”

Dr. Howard Hoffmann Aventura, FL

“One of the best features of DentalWriter is the ability to customize the software.  The ability to customize the information that we need for our office has allowed us to add, delete, and rearrange the order of items on the screen. This makes it much faster and easier for the Doctor and the team to move through the exam in a more efficient manner.  We can customize the needed information in a variety of ways so all that is required is a simple click.   We have been a long time user and have been excited to have the ability to change the information as our practice goes through the growing process. You can add a simple sentence or entire paragraphs to the software to make your notes more detailed and concise.”

Patty Berley of Dr. Ken Berley, Rogers, Arkansas

“I’ve used DentalWriter Software for almost 20 years. Rose and her team have been highly responsive to the changing needs of the practitioner with the addition of various modules so you can pick and choose according to your needs. The company has timely upgrades, fast and efficient phone support and a very caring staff to help ensure a smooth implementation in your practice.”

Dr. Nicholas Meyer. Scottsdale, AZ

"Over the past 25 years, Rose Nierman and her team have been invaluable in helping our sleep practice grow. The DentalWriter system and the Snoring Isn’t Sexy program has given our practice a competitive edge, and a leading presence in our area.

We are grateful for their unmatched quality of support and guidance."

Dr. Neal Seltzer and Dr. Jeffrey S. Rein Long Island Dental Sleep Medicine

“DentalWriter generates reports to referring docs and other docs our patient sees. Filing insurance is quick and easy and being able to customize the information to suit our needs is amazing! DentalWriter Software is a fantastic program with a great support team who solves any problems immediately! Also they listen to suggestions to improve the software, which to me is very important!”

Denise Smith, office manager for Dr. Joseph Baba in Wichita, KS

Nierman Medical Billing ServiceDentalWriter™ integrates with Nierman Medical Billing Services, creating a fully streamlined workflow for medical billing eligible dental services.

Unlike other systems or medical billing services, DentalWriter Plus w/ Nierman Medical Billing Service entirely eliminates office workload and inefficiencies through our propriety integration of intelligent software and dedicated medical billing team.

Establish a repeatable system for the services that need to be documented in the SOAP medical format (sleep apnea, TMJ, implants, oral surgeries, frenectomies) and have your own dedicated medical billing specialist team take it from there.

Your dental-to-medical billing specialist will handle all communication to the patient’s health insurance, including benefit verifications, preauthorizations, claim submissions, status checks, GAP exceptions, and appeals.

All of the documentation they need for a successful claim can be retrieved right from your DentalWriter software, cutting out tons of back and forth paperwork.

Dedicated Medical Billing Specialist

Managed Health Insurance Communication

More Claims = More Reimbursement

Support + Training + EducationBeing a DentalWriter™ client comes with more than just the leading software for implementing sleep apnea, TMJ, and dental-to-medical billing. You gain the unparalleled training and support that will help take your dental practice to the next level.

Updates & Technical Support for the DentalWriter Software

Medical billing-in-dentistry is constantly changing, and we stay on top of it. Your DentalWriter™ software is regularly updated with the latest codes and newest features, and our renowned support team is readily available for technical assistance.

Software Update image
Dentist Using DentalWriter during Patient Exam

Nierman Study Club

Participate in live study clubs bi-weekly and enhance your knowledge in dental sleep medicine, TMD, and medical billing from our key opinion leaders and industry mentors. Explore our invaluable library of 60+ recorded study clubs to continually build your skills.

CrossCoding Hotline

“There’s a Code for That!” is founder/CEO Rose Nierman’s motto. Receive full access to the Nierman Cross-Coding Hotline for real-time cross-coding and medical claim support. Our cross-coding specialists are the best in the world and at your service!


Live & On-Demand Training

Hop on a live webinar with a Nierman Training Specialist or learn at your own pace with our library of tutorials on maximizing DentalWriter for medical billing in dentistry, sleep apnea, TMD, frenetocmies, implants and oral surgery implementation.

Nierman Knowledge Base & Forum

Have a medical billing or DentalWriter question? Tap into the Nierman Knowledge Base and instantly access hunderds of articles, tutorials, and how-to guides written by industry experts.

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Call 1-800-879-6468 option 1, or click below to

DentalWriter™ FAQ's

What are the System Requirements for DentalWriter Software?

Minimum System Requirements (For DentalWriter Cloud, see full system requirements link below.)


Hardware Required Specifications Recommended
Operation System Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 Desktop Experience, Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience, Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience, Mac OS (Hosted DentalWriter offering only supported)  
 Hard Drive Space (Server)

10 GB Minimum for base installation plus additional to support database growth (Databases are typically less than 2 GB and have a cap of 10 GB)

Microsoft SQL Server Express edition supports databases up to 10 GB.
Options are available for purchase from Microsoft to further the capacity if needed. See “Database Capacity” on page 3.

 20 GB
 Hard Drive Space (Work Station)  2 GB Minimum for base installation  5 GB
 Memory (Server)

4 GB Minimum. Recommended if running multiple workstations or if DentalWriter is sharing a server with other applications. More memory generally means a better DentalWriter experience.

8 GB
 Memory (Workstation) 2 GB. More Memory will generally increase performance 4 GB
 Display Settings

100%. If display settings are “magnified” or set to something larger than 100%, the user may be unable to see the full DentalWriter application.

Conflicting Software Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine.  

See the full system requirements and technical specifications.

What Procedures Can a Dentist Bill to Medical Insurance?

Successfully billing medical insurance in a dental practice depends on several factors.

First and foremost, the procedure has to be covered under the patient’s specific medical plan and policy.

Second, there must be proper documentation showing that the procedure was medically necessary. Depending on the written policy, some insurance companies may require additional information in order to be approved, such as a physician’s written order or prescription.

Third, the medical claim form needs to be filled out properly, with the correct ICD diagnosis codes, and CPT procedure codes.

Below is a list of the most common dental procedures covered under medical insurance, however other procedures can also be covered if they meet the above requirements:

Sleep Apnea Appliance Therapy (Dental Sleep Medicine)

TMJ Disorder Therapy (TMJ Appliances)

Medically Necessary Dental Implants and Oral Surgeries

Infant Frenectomies

Mucositis Treatment

Oral Cancer Screening

Accident Cases

Botox for Painful Bruxism

Exams, CBCT and Radiographs for the Above Procedures

What is Needed to Bill for Dental Sleep Medicine?

Dental sleep medicine billing is the process of submitting medical claims for oral appliance therapy that treats obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Medical insurance and Medicare typically reimburses for oral appliance claims when claims are submitted with the right documentation.   In fact, there are no dental codes for OSA, leaving medical insurance as the appropriate billing source for dental sleep medicine services.

Dental practices can bill for a custom oral appliance, exams, and radiographs related to the treatment.

In order to receive medical insurance reimbursement in dental sleep medicine, you need several pieces of information to complete the puzzle. Medical billing for dental sleep medicine is not difficult once you figure out the proper protocols.

  • The diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea by a physician.
  • A written order or prescription for an oral appliance from physician.
  • Patient questionnaire that includes medical history, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and sleep history.
  • Detailed documentation or narrative report of questionnaire data and exam findi/ngs.

Dental Sleep Medicine Billing is made easy with DentalWriter software. Our clients report over a 95% success rate when billing for sleep apnea appliances.

What If I Utilize a Third-Party Medical Billing Service?

The key to successful medical billing in a dental practice lies in detailed documentation and narrative reports building your case of medical necessity.  Dental practices can combine DentalWriter with a medical billing service to successfully implement medically necessary services, or do the medical-billing in-house.

The narrative reports that DentalWriter™ generates from each patient visit serves as your documentation and your communication to physicians, which greatly increases your referrals and help grow your dental sleep medicine and TMJ disorder services.

In addition, DentalWriter™ simplifies and streamlines the workflow with the electronic questionnaire and exam forms, and the library of Quickletters over 150 template letters and forms for all of your communication needs.

How Often is DentalWriter Software Updated?

Our development team typically releases 2 major software updates a year. These updates include changes to medical billing codes or protocols, new features, such as our benefit checker and ledger, and enhanced technology integrations, such as our Secure E-Fax add-on.

Is DentalWriter Compatible with Mac?

The Desktop version of DentalWriter is only compatible with a Windows operating system. However, The DentalWriter Private Cloud version is compatible with Mac operating systems since it is accessible through an internet browser.

Why is Documentation Essential?

Sleep Apnea Therapy and TMJ Disorder Treatments are typically billed under medical insurance, not dental. Detailed reports are essential and often required  for medical reimbursement and referring physicians. DentalWriter™ is the only software that generates a detailed S.O.A.P. report based off the questionnaire and exam forms of each case. S.O.A.P. reports of medical necessity are the primary format used by physicians, and medical insurance, to detail and communicate the specific documentation and medical necessity of the patient

  • NValidates the care that was provided
  • NShares key data with patient’s physicians for referral building
  • NOptimizes medical claim processing
  • NIf it’s not documented appropriately, the organization is at risk for refunds to insurance (post payment reviews)
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