Dental Sleep Hygienist Course

Course provided by SCOPE Institute.

Appliance Course Description

With so many obstructive sleep apnea and TMD appliances in the dental market, it may seem overwhelming knowing which one to choose for which patient. The Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD appliance course is a 2-day journey towards increasing your mastery of dental sleep medicine and TMD appliances.


Course Objectives

  • The pros and cons of each major appliance, and which one is right for each patient.
  • Develop communication protocols with patients and dental labs for more successful outcomes.
  • Comprehensive exams and hands-on bite registration techniques.
  • Triaging between sleep apnea and TMD treatment.
  • Learn the latest medical billing policies, codes, and best practices for successful reimbursement.
Dental Sleep Hygienist Course


16 CE Credits



Dentist      $1,995
Team Member     $995    




Dr. Mayoor Patel


Frank Madrigal


Rose Nierman



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– Introductions – Hands-on bites, impressions and models
– The Science Behind Oral Appliance Therapy – Chairside adjustment of appliances
– Dental Sleep Medicine & TMD Appliance Mechanics – Short-term follow up, calibration and efficacy testing
– Appliance selection for various clinical and physiological conditions – Writing Progress Reports
– Pros and Cons of the major obstructive sleep apnea appliances on the market – Educating the patient on the appliance and reviewing the wear and care with the patient
– Understand how the dental lab operates to set up efficient communication protocols – Managing Side effects
– Comprehensive Head and Neck Exam. Triaging between sleep apnea and TMD treatment – What happens when the patient rejects the appliance
How is bruxism related to craniofacial pain, treating the craniofacial pain and bruxism patient – Weaning the patient off a TMD appliance
– Long-term recall
– Medical Insurance Codes for Exams, Radiographs, Appliance Delivery, Repairs and Lab Fees


Course Location

Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine Center of Georgia
200 Ashford Center N, Ste 195. Atlanta, GA 30338

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Upcoming Dates

24apr - 25All DayThe Appliance Course For Dental Sleep Medicine & TMDSpeaker: Mayoor Patel Location: San Diego, CA

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Nierman ADA CERP

PACEProgram Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance bya state of provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. 8/1/2016 to 7/31/2019

Refund and Cancellation Policies:
All cancellations are to be made in writing. Registrations may be refunded at 100% if cancelled within the first 7 days of registration. An assessment fee of 30% will be taken for cancellations 8 days after registration if prior to 21 days before the course. An assessment fee of 50% will be taken for cancellations that are 21 days before the course or less. Attendees can transfer their registration to another course without penalty up until 10 days prior to course. Within 10 days of course, a 20% penalty to transfers will be applied

Nierman ADA CERP