Seminar Testimonials

“I recently had the fortune of attending Dr. Patel’s “Airway, Bruxism and Crainiofacial pain” course. I will honestly say this was one of the best courses I have attended, as it filled in many missing pieces of information for me. The topics were presented in a very clear manner, backed by scientific research and coupled with practical tips and ideas. Dr. Patel’s enthusiasm for this material is contagious and I am looking forward to attending his next course!”

Lindsey Deol, D.D.S. Lafayette, CO

“Dr. Mayoor Patel is very familiar with the different schools of thought, so even though we come from different training he is able to answer all of our questions and apply that information to us, which makes it so much better.”

Delaine Farias DDS. Portland, TX

“Dr. Mayoor Patel is probably the easiest person to learn from, he has a wealth of information. He is extremely brilliant, and he just makes sense.”

Cindy Wolt, DDS. Johnstown, OH

“It was an incredible course. I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in this field or treating patients already. Dr. Patel’s knowledge is incredible. The way he transfers information is also incredible.”

Azita Vakili DMD. Solana Beach, CA

“I’ve been using Rose Nierman’s Dental Writer software for over 20 years. It has consistently gotten us the best results with filing our medical claims and corresponding with our medical counterparts. The improvements and updates over the years keep it current and relevant in todays practice setting.”

John T. Hauge, D.M.D. Bangor, ME

“Dr. Patel is very knowledgable about current findings, literature, and research.  Great with questions.”

Michelle Hegedus, DDS. Muskegon, MI

“Always enjoy the course – great info – willingness to answer any question. Thanks for an educational experience.”

Jessica Hamblin

“The on-line new patient health histories are so in-depth & so professional. The letters we are able to easily generate to our sleep doctors & other referring doctors are so professional & thorough. I feel the product represents the thorough care we provide as an office. We love this product!”

Tina of Dr. Max Ebrahimian, Scotts Valley, CA

“DentalWriter has allowed our office to help people who are at the end of their rope with a life-threatening illness and without being able to bill medical they would not be able to get a sleep appliance. It is easy software to use with a great reward!!”

Holly of Dr. Lance Timmerman D.M.D, Seattle, WA

“The best source for CrossCoding from Dental to Medical Insurance. For Implants, Perio, TMD and other services, the software has revolutionized our practice by keeping us current and in the game. The latest customizable software is brilliant and will keep us in the game for many years to come. My advice to the dental office would be to purchase the software, it will only make you current, efficient and profitable.”

Dr. Leo Malin in Onalaska, WI

“DentalWriter simplifies the learning curve not only for the Dentist but for the staff. It really simplifies the documentation, creates the letters, reports, and insurance forms. It keeps us on track and helps create the reports that help get us paid and increase our referrals.
Why work with DentalWriter? It has to do with integrity. We’ve been working with Rose Nierman for a long time and we know her and the company. There’s longevity and support from the company and that means a lot when we choose a vendor.”

Dr. Howard Hoffmann Aventura, FL

“One of the best features of DentalWriter is the ability to customize the software.  The ability to customize the information that we need for our office has allowed us to add, delete and rearrange the order of items on the screen.   This makes it much faster and easier for the Doctor and the team to move through the exam in a more efficient manner.  We can customize the needed information in a variety of ways so all that is required is a simple click.   We have been a long time user and have been excited to have the ability to change the information as our practice goes through the growing process.   You can add a simple sentence or entire paragraphs to the software to make your notes more detailed and concise.”

Patty Berley of Dr. Ken Berley, Rogers, Arkansas

“I’ve used DentalWriter Software for almost 20 years. Rose and her team have been highly responsive to the changing needs of the practitioner with the addition of various modules so you can pick and choose according to your needs. The company has timely upgrades, fast and efficient phone support and a very caring staff to help ensure a smooth implementation in your practice.”

Dr. Nicholas Meyer. Scottsdale, AZ

“Over the past 25 years, Rose Nierman and her team have been invaluable in helping our sleep practice grow. The DentalWriter system and the Snoring Isn’t Sexy program has given our practice a competitive edge, and a leading presence in our area.

We are grateful for their unmatched quality of support and guidance.”

Dr. Neal Seltzer and Dr. Jeffrey S. Rein Long Island Dental Sleep Medicine

“DentalWriter generates reports to referring docs and other docs our patient sees. Filing insurance is quick and easy and being able to customize the information to suit our needs is amazing! DentalWriter Software is a fantastic program with a great support team that solves any problems immediately! Also, they listen to suggestions to improve the software, which to me is very important!”

Denise Smith, office manager for Dr. Joseph Baba in Wichita, KS