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Participate in live study clubs for dental sleep medicine, TMD, and medical billing in dentistry, or engage in daily live coaching in DentalWriter software and sleep/tmd/medical billing protocols with a certified training specialist.

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Learn from the industry leaders of dental sleep medicine, TMD, and medical billing-in-dentistry.

The Scoop on K1027 & Other Medical Billing Updates in Dental Sleep Medicine

Tuesday, May 21st - 8pm EST
Join us for an informative webinar to gain the answers to your burning questions and uncover the latest updates of K1027 and medical billing for Dental Sleep Medicine.

Past NPM Study Clubs

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What’s New in Orofacial Pain?

Learn the latest developments in orofacial pain, including new research, emerging trends, and practice growth strategies.

I’m a Qualified Sleep Dentist…Now what?

Learn how to elevate your sleep practice by identifying essential systems, strengthening business skills, and teaching leadership steps for team motivation.

Uncovering Sleep Apnea Patients from Within

Discover how to connect the dots through the medical history and dental exam to implement a fool-proof sleep apnea screening program for your team to acquire and treat more sleep patients in your practice.

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Receive DentalWriter Software and medical billing in dentistry training every weekday from a certified specialist.

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