NPM Study Club Replay:

Sleep Related Breathing Disorder in Pregnancy with Dr. Steve Lamberg

Dr. Steve Lamberg discusses how sleep related breathing disorders during pregnancy increase the risk of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes.

• Understand the pathophysiologic crossovers of pregnancy and SRBD.
• Learn the impact of maternal SRBD during pregnancy on the developing fetus and how it may increase the risk of development of SRBD in the neonate and developing child, even into adulthood.
• Appreciate the importance of screening and treatment to re- duce the risk of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes.

Ready to Learn More?

2022 DSM Mini-Residency

Join us July 29-30th, 2022 in Jupiter, FL

The 2022 Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency is an exclusive 4-session CE program designed to provide the knowledge and guidance to establish a successful airway and sleep apnea treatment practice.

With didactic and hands-on learning, attendees gain the skills and confidence needed to be successful in dental sleep medicine.

The program features Dr. Steve Lamberg, DDS, Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, Dr. Anjoo Ely and a multi-disciplinary speaker faculty.

Attend one or all sessions and contact us for special pricing!