The dental continuing education provider has scheduled 20 live courses for dental sleep medicine, TMJ disorders, and medical billing for dentistry for 2022.

Nierman Practice Management (NPM) has announced their 2022 dental CE course programs with over 20 new courses added to the schedule for dental sleep medicine, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, orofacial pain, and medical billing in dentistry implementation.

Nierman CE courses help dental professionals successfully incorporate obstructive sleep apnea, orofacial pain, and TMJ disorders treatment into their practice and work with their patient’s medical insurance to maximize reimbursement for these services as well as oral surgeries.

Implementing these services is greatly rewarding and sets dental practices apart by increasing access to care with life-changing therapy that often has coverage under medical insurance policies.

Their live events include 2-day seminars, multi-session mini-residencies, and dental symposiums. All live courses are available in-person and HD livestream.

Many of the dental CE courses will be held in Jupiter, FL at the NPM Training Center.

“We are establishing our training center in Jupiter, FL as a more prominent hub for Nierman CE, where attendees can enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery, warm beaches, clear inlets, and unique restaurants,” says President Jon Nierman. “I encourage dental professionals to come to Jupiter, bring their family, and create a memorable trip while learning evidence-based and actionable CE from leading educators.”

Other live course locations include Dallas, TX, Orange County, CA, Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA.

NPM’s speaker faculty features leading educators and mentors such as Rose Nierman, Michael Gelb, DDS, Steve Lamberg, DDS, Anjoo Ely, DDS, Brijesh Chandwani, DMD, Alan Blanton DMD, Steve Carstensen, DDS, Arthur Feigenbaum, DMD, Ken Mogell, DDS, Mayoor Patel, DDS, Courtney Snow, and more.

To supplement the live continuing education, NPM offers Nierman CE Plus+, their online course platform for on-demand CE training. Nierman CE Plus memberships include powerful perks, such as unlimited livestream access to the CE courses, a library of over 150 CE of on-demand courses, discounts on in-person courses, and monthly study club webinars.

“Over the last 2 years, we have blended livestreaming and online learning into the Nierman CE program. Our mission is to connect more dental practices with the leading educators and resources in dental sleep medicine, TMJ disorders, orofacial pain, and medical billing.” Says Jon Nierman. “Utilizing the latest technology, we can provide even greater access to transformative education for dental professionals.”

For more information on the 2022 Nierman CE course schedule, visit our website.