Helping Dental Practices expand since 1988

Medical Billing + Dental Sleep Medicine + TMD

Welcome to Nierman Practice Management.

Nierman Practice Management (NPM) helps dental practices implement medical billing, dental sleep medicine, and TMD services.

With over 32 years in business, NPM has earned the reputation and track record of providing the highest quality solutions and support in the industry to make dental practices’ goals a reality.

Their core solutions include:

• Continuing Education and Training (Live, Online, and In-Office)

• DentalWriter Software for establishing a repeatable and streamlined system.

• Nierman Medical Billing Service for a support team of billing specialists to handle your medical claims.

Nierman has helped thousands of practices join the cross-coding, airway, and orofacial pain movement in dentistry. These practices are setting themselves apart, helping patients get medically-necessary treatment, and achieving growth and success in powerful ways.

From Then

Rose Nierman’s journey started while she was working as a dental hygienist in a busy practice renowned for treating TMJ disorders. Rose recognized a way to successfully bill patients’ medical insurance for TMJ treatment and implants/oral surgery, allowing patients to receive treatments they otherwise would not have been able to obtain.

Realizing the potential to help other dental practices with this knowledge, she refined her protocols, and in 1988 wrote the very first cross-coding manual “Successful Medical Insurance in Dentistry.” She began lecturing and consulting nationwide on the benefits and implementation of cross-coding.

In 1991 she developed the first cross coding and narrative report writing software for dental practices, changing the entire landscape by helping dental practices streamline the documentation required for medical insurance reimbursement and physician referral building.

To Now

Celebrating 30 years in business in 2018, Rose and the Nierman Practice Management team of 40 continue their mission. Utilizing state of the art technology such as cloud hosting, online patient questionnaire forms, and electronic medical billing, the team is making it easier than ever to implement medical billing, dental sleep medicine, and TMD/pain treatment for dentists.

Rose’s secret to success is that she never stopped learning, never stopped innovating, and never stopped supporting her clients. Rose and the Nierman team of experts stay on the leading edge of medical billing codes, policies, protocols and trends to ensure they are providing the best information to their clients.

We pride ourselves on our support.

Our core competency is our resource of industry experts dedicated to ensuring your practice is set-up for success.

Billing medical insurance in dentistry and implementing dental sleep medicine and TMD treatment is not a matter of luck – the successful dental practices have the proper training and guidance along the way.

Nierman Practice Management understands this and is dedicated to providing proven systems and world-class training and support to each and every client.

From training your team to integrating efficient workflows for dental sleep medicine and TMJ disorders, to establishing a system for successful cross-coding and medical billing in dentistry, we have the expertise and experience to help expand your practice, increase your case acceptance, and your bottom line.

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Our Solutions

Software: DentalWriter™ is the flagship software that allows dentists to bill medical insurance and generate essential narrative reports to medical insurance and to physicians for building referral relationships.

Medical Billing Service: With DentalWriter™, dental practices have the power to bill medical insurance in-house for their patients. For practices that don’t want to deal with medical insurance themselves, we have the perfect solution, utilize CrossCode™ Medical Billing Service and let our expert medical billers handle it. Dental Sleep Medicine Billing, TMD Medical Billing, Implant / Oral Surgery Medical Billing, we’ve got you covered.

Dental Sleep Medicine Marketing: In addition, dentists treating obstructive sleep apnea can utilize our Snoring Isn’t Sexy branding and marketing service in order to promote their own dental sleep medicine practice in their community and online.


CE Education: When implementing Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD/Craniofacial Pain, and Dental-Medical Billing, it is important to obtain on-going continuing education from experienced leaders in the industry in order to continue growing.

Nierman Practice Management provides the renowned course Cross-Coding: Unlocking the Code to Medical Billing in Dentistry with Rose Nierman, who consistently stays up-to-speed on the latest medical billing codes, policies, and trends in the dental industry.

Nierman Practice Management also partners with the non-profit education organization SCOPE Institute (Sleep-Apnea, Cranio/Orofacial Pain Education) to provide the highest quality Dental Sleep Medicine Courses and Craniofacial Pain CE Courses.

With our unmatched experience and support resources, we can help you build a profitable dental sleep and TMD practice, implement dental-to-medical cross-coding and receive medical reimbursement, and gain greater case acceptance and more referrals for other medically necessary services.