The web-based EMR application enables dentists to efficiently bill medical insurance for sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, & oral surgery services.

Nierman Practice Management (NPM), the leading company for helping dental practices implement medical billing and sleep apnea treatment, announced today the launch of DentalWriter Plus+.

DentalWriter Plus+ is a web-based cloud EMR software designed exclusively for dental practices treating sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, and oral surgeries to streamline the medical billing workflow needed for effective practice growth.

“We know how important efficiency is for dental practices billing medical insurance for sleep apnea, TMJ, CBCT, and oral surgery services. We prioritized the optimization of user experience to make medical billing in dentistry and dental sleep medicine easy and rewarding,” says Jon Nierman, President of Nierman Practice Management.

DentalWriter Plus+ features an intuitive workflow and intelligent automation that documents cases in the medical model, facilitating implementation of sleep apnea oral appliance therapy and other dental services that often have coverage through medical insurance plans.

It is estimated that over 22 million Americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), with the vast majority left untreated. Dentists play a key role in providing needed care through oral appliance therapy. In 2017, the American Dental Association (ADA) adopted a policy on dentistry’s role in treating sleep-breathing disorders (SBD) including OSA. It highlights that dentists should be screening for SBD and are the only healthcare providers with the expertise to fabricate oral appliances.

The biggest challenge with dentists implementing oral appliance therapy is medical billing. Dental practice management systems are not designed to meet the requirements needed for efficient medical reimbursement. Rose Nierman, CEO of NPM identified this problem over 33 years ago and invented the first software that expedited documentation and medical reimbursement in the dental office.

“We have a long history of innovation in dental solutions for medical billing,” says Rose. “DentalWriter Plus+ leverages next-generation technology, is accessible from any device with an internet connection, and automates the essential tasks for dental sleep medicine, TMD, and oral surgeries, including documentation, medical billing, and physician referral building.”

One of the most highly-anticipated features is the seamless integration with Nierman Medical Billing Service.

“Over the years we have recognized the need for better communication between dental practices and medical insurance carriers. The DentalWriter Plus+ integration with Nierman Medical Billing Concierge Service creates an air-tight end-to-end solution that eliminates the need for fax, email, and phone. Users can check real-time claims and pre-authorization status and engage in instant chat with their concierge. This is a major time-saving tool for dental practices,” says Courtney Snow, Vice President of NPM.

DentalWriter Plus+ enables users to get up and running right away through an intuitive UI and the proprietary DentalWriter Navigator; a concise interactive checklist that ensures accurate protocols from initiation to completion.

Additionally, the cloud platform facilitates physician referral-building through individualized narrative report communication. Internal communications with other health professionals are essential for dentists treating medically necessary conditions, making DentalWriter Plus+ a powerful tool for building relationships and gaining new patients.

DentalWriter Plus+ officially launched at the 2021 Current Trends in Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium. Dental practices can learn more and get started with DentalWriter Plus+ at

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